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Why El Hotel Nacional De Cuba?

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  • Why El Hotel Nacional De Cuba?

    I've found it kind of Strange that this forum is dedicated to Puerto Rico however on it's opening page titled "Puerto Rico, holiday and destination guide," what one finds is EL HOTEL NACIONAL DE CUBA! WHY?

    1-El Condado Beach hotel dates back to 1919, the Cuban hotel is not older.
    2-El Caribe Hilton, as originally designed, was a break through in Modern hotel design back in 1949, what is wrong with El Caribe?

    WHY EL HOTEL NACIONAL DE CUBA? Are the palm trees Puerto Rican?

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    I also noticed that. I also noticed that the boards are not bilingual or in Spanish completely and find that different policy than say That is not good for many Spanish-speaking only Puerto Ricans to feel comfortable posting here. My husband only writes in Spanish and precisely because this board is in English he finds it Anti-Puerto Rican friendly. I hope administration when re-designing might consider having bilingual boards to attract more native Puerto Ricans from the island onto these threads and not just English speaking fluent Puerto Ricans. Thanks.

    Also the one board that is in Spanish called "Porciones de Bromas" is BADLY translated. Jokes in Spanish are called: Chistes, the words for "Pranks" is understood as "Bromas". Bromas are jokes too, but practical jokes. Chistes are to make one laugh such as jokes and funny stories. Puerto Ricans say, "Cuentame un Chiste" , if you want to invite people to tell a joke there say, "cuentanos un chiste" the present 'haganos la sonrisa, sounds weird, awkward and inappropriate and any Spanish speaker reading it will realize someone who doesn't know Spanish natively wrote that wrong. Fix it, please. And no one says in Spanish "Porciones de Bromas" that doesn't exist and whoever thought that correct standard Spanish is mistaken.

    For the joke board it should say: Chistes y Bromas e Historias Jocosas. Diganos algo gracioso o jocoso. That is proper Spanish.

    Just a suggestion.