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  • Relocation

    As I look through this forum, which I think is great, I find others asking the same questions I have. How to get information about relocating to PR? I've looked at the Chambers of Commerce, various websites on PR but to no avail. For those who do not have family in PR or who are not very close to them where can we find this information. I would love to move to PR and become familiar with where I originate. Thank you for your help.

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    Hello! My family and are native New Yorkers and we spent the last 3 years living in PR, but due to old debts we had to come back to NY, (which we hate) but someday plan to return....Don't give up! hang in there!


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      Thank you for your encouragement. I'm tired of NY too. I will definitely continue to find a way to move to PR. Went to visit again in April and it was awesome, Luquillo, Old San Juan, driving 3 hours to La Palguera and seeing the mountains of Ai bonito was spectacular. Didn't get to go to Ponce's museum 'cause there were some political differences and my uncle advised us not to go, maybe next time. I hope you & family get to return to PR soon. Thanks again


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        When I read this, I almost began to cry! Literally. I got really nostalgic. I was born and raised in NY; I went to Puerto Rico for the first time in 1998, at the age of 18 as a graduation present from my mom and again in 99 for two months, since 98 I've wanted to move to PR, I miss it so much, and though I know the economic situation isn't as strong as NY, I still have it in my plans to relocate. I know where you're coming from.

        Estoy loca por irme. BellaBe, never give up on the plans of leaving, and Carlitos espero que tambien puedas volver a "La isla del encanto."



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          Boricua Princess I feel you! I have one week vacation left and I'm holding on to go back to PR this year, hopefully fit in some interviews. If your situation allows it I'd advise to go, I have a 5yr old son and a 2 yr old daughter and it hasn't been easy trying to get them a spot in daycare during the summer months. NY does have great pay but I'll tell you like I told my girlfriend, go for it things will work out. I have to be a bit more cautious or I would've been there. At least for now we can visit. I agree...
          VOY PRONTO


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            I have been to PR twice this year. My wife is from the Ponce area & wants to return home there. We currently reside in Ohio & truthfully hate it here. Even though I have no hispanic background I have come to love & appreciate the people of PR. I too am trying to relocate there.I am currently brushing up on my spanish. I do not care where I find a job I just want to move there. If PR ever became separate from the USA , I would still relocate & forfeit my citizenship here in America if need be. I have come to understand the love people have for PR.


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              Relocation to PR

              I would like to hear from people who currently live in Puerto Rico. Please tell me, how does one make a living in Puerto Rico? Do you have to have "connections"? do you have to set up your own business? Your input would be appreciated. Thank you.



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                smooth transition or relocation

                my name is ojeda , I relocated to P.R two years ago .I would advise any one who would make the move, to do the following. Buy your own house paid in full. No mort. Ship one reliable car ahead 10 to 8 years old. Leave your furniture behind they have better price's here. Don't buy a house in the city. If you have a collage education, you won't have a problem getting a job. Check the pharmacutical,computer,security field's. By the way we pay no property taxes no heating bill no mort. Good luck.


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                  im tryning too locate to pr ..cus ive been there last yr april for a month and i love it half rican my self but wasnt raised by daddy so ..rosalia gotta do the research on her own well anyway as far as work so scared cus my mother owns her own hair and nail solon it ill be very hard forme to exually go work for somebody u know ...prolly wheni go there ill rent my own chair (for nails ) well anyway im going back in jan 2005 for a month and start searching for houses or even city's that i wonna locate ...but wich city is better to stay at as far as work and life period? my dads family do live in ponce ....but i dont wonna live where they live cus then i wont have a feeling that im doing this on my own u know ..but anyway ..does anybody has more info on locating to pr thanks people ! and i live in amsterdam holanda so would it be easyer to get an us citiznt ship in pr or will it beharder eather way cus im european? (even tho my dad is rican)


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                    Pueto Rico is quite expensive. If you would like to have a moderate living you need to make around $38,000.00 a year and eventhough that I can not guarantee you will find a nice cheap apartment or house in any of the major metropolitan cities such as the San Juan area. P.R. is an US territory so english as a second language is taught at school from first grade on. Although you may find bilingual people along the P.R. coast it is not same story for people living across the island, but making yourself understandable will not be too tough at all.

                    There are few newspapers in the island you can read to find good professional/technical jobs, houses and apartments: El Nuevo Dia, Hora, and San Juan Star in English and Spanish, and el Vocero.

                    Puerto Rico is beautiful ! It is a pity that only most visited cities like San Juan or Ponce are promoted on tourism brochures. We have beautiful beaches, Good area for snorkling, scuba diving, tourism to follow natural trails, an exuberant tropical forrest on the east, a the El bosque seco on the west, a fluorescent bay, caves, the observatory - biggest radal on the caribbean, two small island to visit: Vieques and Culebras with gorgeous beaches, and finally but not last, the Mona Island for hiking, camping, scuba diving and sea turtle nest watching. Mona is protected by government so access is controlled requring some permits by the department of forrestal and wild life. There is a hunting season at Mona for wild hogs and goats too.
                    Night live is excellent in the major metropolitan areas. However, I recommend (although expensive) to hang out around hotels, casinos and major crowded pubs in the San Juan area. Otherwise could be kind of risky because criminality is a litle to high for an small island like this one. DO NOT be afraid! Take your safety precautions and come down. YOU WOULD NOT REGRET !!


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                      oh you made me reminice. I agree with you all I hear about PR is San Juan, there is so much more to the Island. Which is why its the first place I think of to vacation b/c I know there is so much more for me to see each time. Family is from Loiza (thank you Tego for shout-outs) and Carolina. For all who visit, Be Safe and Enjoy! Be Good To Your People On The Island.


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                        The cruel reality of the situation in PR

                        Two very important things to know if you are relocating to PR are: 1. health services are very unreliable and sometimes non-existent and if your health is compromised you better think twice before moving over there. Even with a health care plan it is sometimes difficult to obtain the services, and forget about moving to the countryside because ambulances will NEVER find you.
                        2. personal security; crime is at an all time high and the police is corrupt, sometimes they are the ones you have to fear and not the criminals. Weapons are easily available and they have one of the highest murder rates in the country.

                        These two considerations have kept me from going back to live there when I retire, which is coming soon. They are real and nobody can deny them. Also the political climate sucks and if you don't have connections with politicos you'll never find a job , and even when establishing your own business is difficult to navigate all the red tape and the political bull**** associated with the process.

                        Good luck!!


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                          Yujike : Vey sorry you or someone you know have that terrible experience! Happily I have to say that not me, relatives and friends ever had any complaints about what you are mentioning. Hope you give yourself an addional chance to try. I moved back from the states in 1989 and do not regret for a second. Did not need any political help to find a job, no problem with police, and my medical plan services and hospitals (at least in my area) are excellent.

                          Everything is not perfect and I have to agree with you that if you live in the country side they ambulance may never get there on time or never would get there at all.

                          Corruptions at police and politics is the same as in any US state. Police brutality is not common in Puerto Rico or it is a very well kept secret.

                          So, this is not heaven ..but it is very close.