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  • How about a job board?

    As someone who is looking to move to Puerto Rico in the next year or so, it would be nice to see what kind of jobs are available. As I have many skills to offer, my current profession is as a bartender. You have a great site and I feel a job board would be beneficial to people like myself and for those who are already there.

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    What I'm interested in seeing eddie is if you get a response from anyone moderating this board. I posted a question a while back never heard a thing. I notice others on this forum haven't gotten a response from anyone other than another member either. In fact, I don't think there's anybody out there!


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      Well, the truth is out there and hopefully someone else is also. I guess time will tell. Keep checking back as I will as well. Thanks for the heads up and good luck to us both.


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        Eddy & Lorilei:

        This is really run by the CIA to identify political opposition, immoral behavior, because things have been slow since the fall of the iron curtain.



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            The local newspapers in Puerto Rico have websites with jobs listed. Check them out. If you need the names of the Newspapers let me know.
            I would also log into hotels, companies etc. located in Puerto Rico. I'm not sure what type of job you are seeking but if you have an idea and know companies located in Puerto Rico. Here's a website that might help:

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              I feel if you really want to start a new Forum, you need to ask around in other forums to see if others are interested in this. I've seen some new Forums come and go because of lack of interest. Dont give up just yet...Im not the Administrator of this site, but do help monitor it. If there was a question missed or totally overlooked and you feel this was me...Cuidate CaliRican Eda.....