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A really bad idea: Punkmeister as a moderator

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  • A really bad idea: Punkmeister as a moderator

    This guy Punkmeister is a fake and and he is on a big ego trip playing god with the posts and posting false information about posters. With all his bravado he did not even know he was a moderator and then proceeded to abuse his powers. He is getting mad at people who posted here YEARS ago and have not been seen since. Who the heck decided in the Adm. to give this vendepatria a Moderating job on this board? If this site was almost dead then now this guy has given it a final death blow. Comment on that you arrabalero, cuponero, reggetonero, while I savor the long vacation days spend in a little island off of Puerto Rico. Please get rid of this opportunist nuisance and maybe the posters will come back again.

    Thanks Suki for the accurate portrayal which helped dispell the lies and innuendo that the Bunkmeaister has tried to impose on all of us about me.

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    Last I checked this board is not just for liberals that do not live in the island nor have any intention too and in fact have not even set foot here but somehow feel they have the divine right to tells us Islanders what we should be. Guess again because in both counts you are wrong! Tu no vives aqui, tu tienes el concepto mas torcido y falso de lo que son los que vivimos en la Isla tanto que te crees que todos vivimos en arrabales y no pasamos preņando muchachas pa coger cupones.


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      Una garrapata zalapastrosa en


      Mira, S.O.B. to you. The reason I call you these names is because YOU started spewing lies about me and my background, calling me names and even putting "en tela de juicio mi puertorriquenidad", so infeliz. Telling people that I was trying to impose my views on other people, that I have never lived in PR or that I was not even born there... que cojones caballero!!! But since that "other people" are intelligent and smart enough to MAKE THEIR OWN MINDS ( unlike you know who) and knowing full well that my opinion is MY opinion and no one else's, he decided to go after me "pero le salio el tiro por la culata". All the people here know who I am and my backgroung, which have been posted here since I joined this site in 2003. (el estupido ni siquiera tiene dos dedos de frente para buscar aqui mismo mi perfil e informacion sobre quien soy yo) Ni tu ni tu marido tienen los pantalones para dudar de mi abolengo y mis raices ni acallar mi voz ni mis sentimientos.. Si te quieres suicidar por perder lo de moderador porque no brincas de tu ego gigante y te esplayas en el pavimento para asi el resto de nosotros poder seguir nuestra vida normal.
      What happened to this loser is that he checked the board, and since I was the only survivor still posting, like THE PORN RUSSIAN SPAMMER, he attached himself to me like a sanguijuela, to bask in my glory and intelligent posts and make me a scapegoat for his own failures as a human being. He could not go after Suki or Nacionalista because of their positions in this board so the only one left for a vicious attack was me, y se me pego en una pata como una garrapata sarnosa. What had he contributed to this site since he joined? Attacking people's ethnic background, messing up the boards and acting like a spoiled brat because he can't achieve his wicked goals. In other words: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
      Now let me go back to my pina colada and this beautiful beach right here in the Caribbean Sea and forget this zalapastroso Hijo de la Comay. I will be back more anticolonialista y mas barbaro que nunca after this vacation. Your nightmare has just begun!!


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        Spamming 101 from Yukije who is the Spambot now?