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    Hi all,

    I am doing a little cleaning up here, and I have removed some 'clandestine spam' from various characters who come here for no other reason than to try to smuggle a hidden advertisement for some website or dubious product in here.

    Anyone who spots a post like that, drop the url in here and it will be erased.

    In browsing, I noticed a few threads where conversations became a little heated. There's nothing wrong with a robust exchange of views, but please understand this: certain words are banned automatically here. And members who try to replicate those words by omitting one or a few letters, and using hyphens, so leaving the offensive language clearly understood, better drop the habit right now. A banned word is a banned word. Trying to post that word, in any other way, in any other language, isn't going to fly here any more. And I am not going to waste my time, or expect other moderators to waste their time, going through hundreds of posts making individual edits.

    Just so that we can all understand each other - you'll be asked, once, to cease trying to indicate offensive language when making a post. If you insist, posts containing such attempts will be deleted. If you still insist after that, you'll be quarantined.

    And now, to be perfectly clear, this is the one time that you're being asked.

    Thanks for understanding that there is a reason for taking a line of zero tolerance on offensive language - even when the site seems quiet, there are many people reading here and gutter language is not the best thing to put before them.