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Changes to Members Editing Abilities

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  • Changes to Members Editing Abilities

    This is in response to the recent problems with the "Navy Social Impact on Vieques" thread in the Politics Forum.

    To help prevent future posts from disappearing, modifications have been made to member's permissions.

    Members no longer have the ability to:

    -open/close their own threads , or
    -completely delete posts or threads

    In addition, the 48 hour window for members to edit their own post has been reduced to 24 hours.

    At this time, we believe that this is the only way to help remedy this problem. If you would like a post to be edited, please notify a Moderator or Admin to do it for you.

    If you have any questions or concerns about these changes please post here or email

    Thank you for your attention.


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    cry baby's amongst us....

    I object to these new regulations. I feel that we have a right to close or open or delete the posts we create. I know that incident caused some trouble, but it was one incident that should of been worked out with the person who created that post. If the person who create that post felt that he no longer wanted it exposed, then so be, the repliers would have the same right with their posts. This isnt real life, like some act it is. It is a message board, and so what if your posts get erased because someone who started the thread has the right to delete it, it doesnt matter. I actually want the power to delete my threads that I have written, or my posts, open-close my threads if I see fit and would like you to restore that power to us again!


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      These powers have been abused by many members. It is obvious that members are upset by their posts vanishing without reason. All members still have the ability to edit their posts, so if you later disapprove of the content you can modify it or even delete the text. But only the Mods and myself will be able to completely wipe out a thread if necessary.

      If you have a thread that is getting out of hand, simply let one of us know and we can close or delete it for you.

      Hopefully this will only be temporary. Your cooperation and patience are appreciated.

      Thank you.


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        As an act against my own patria I feel very bad about this but I must ask the administrator of this site to set in the footer again the agreement that says $BBTITLE Powered by vB $templateversion

        I never knew PR had a forum,and even more powered by vB