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Do demonds exist?

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  • Do demonds exist?

    Yes they do. They are as REAL as you and I with the exception that WE just can't see them yet they are around us all. Demonds are EXTREMELY powerful entities with great knowlege and wisdom. They know God and also know the scriptures from first to last page. Demonds are NOT good nor are here to help nor bless anyone on earth. They are mean killing machines. Demonds hate with great passion human existance. All those Astrologers, Witchcraft, warlocks, Nicromancers, VooDoo practitioners, White and Black Magic, Santeria are all properties guessed it, SATAN! Is it possible for a human being to see a demond? The answer to they is also...YES! But those who had the privilege to see a demond are blessed by God. In waht way are they blessed by God? If such person has faith in God, God allows him/her to see with its naked eye's a true demond from hell stand right in front of you without touching your soul. Is it also possible for someone to see a heavely angel? YES! They come to us in many forms other than in human forms. But aldo does demonds so we must be EXTREMELY careful at all times. Thet image that many people see world wide of a Virgin Mary is nothing but a demond making appearances through images. Amd yes, demonds can and have also performed good deeds just to make people believe in them as good beings. Am NOT talking from other people's experiences but by my very own. I have seen demonds and I have also seen the spirit of God hover over me. I also want to say here that all those people with images of Jesus Christ on pictures are nothing but a disgrace and offense to God. They paint Jesus with long hair? All this and much more comes to the world from the whore church of Satan. To love God is to pray to Him without the aid of any images and or pictures. God is NOT an image yet many people world wide try hard to form a picture of God in their minds while praying and or worshipping Him. Demonds rejoice when they see how extremely stupid people are when it comes to doing things there way.
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    Demons galore!!!!!!!!

    I've seen them. Bush, Chenney, Rumsfeld, Another Rican, Pat Robertson, El Jibaro, Cerdo Grande, Rosello, Sila Nazario, O'Reilly, Rupert Murdoch (owns Fox), Ralph Reed, most of the Supreme Court justices, the CEO's of most companies, Arnold Manylettersinhisname, that stupid blonde from Fox, Vicente Fox, Pinochet, and all of the Boston Red Sox.


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      LOL@Boston Red Sox...

      Demons exist. The odd thing is that they are honored and revered throughout society. Not the people, but the people who are being driven by those demons. Let's get that straight.

      But Hollywood.... most "celebrities" (music "artists", movie stars, TV stars, etc..) and many people in power throughout government fall into this category.

      And those who don't fit that billing are looked at as strange and evil themselves... now how is THAT for backward? LOL

      "In the last days, good will be called evil and evil will be called good"


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        Where from Satan came?

        Then people ask from where Satan came and from what source he got his power? The answer is that the same producer and director of the movie, who appointed one actor as hero has appointed another as the villain. The villain is also remunerated like the hero. Sometimes the producer-cum-director can enter the movie in the role of a hero and such a role is called as the human incarnation of the Lord. The villain opposes the hero in the cinema. The hero wins over the villain, giving a good message to the spectators. But remember that the hero, who is the producer, has remunerated the villain and also directed every action of the villain as the director of the whole picture.

        At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

        Anil Antony

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