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God in human form is a trouble shooter

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  • God in human form is a trouble shooter

    God in human form is a trouble shooter
    Datta cut your worldly bonds

    Datta (God) is said to be famous for creating troubles to others. People fear to worship Datta due to this point only. It is said that Datta cuts the worldly bonds and hence Datta is the trouble shooter. Everybody wants happiness by nourishing their worldly bonds. Everybody thinks that happiness comes through growth of money, children etc., which are the worldly bonds.

    Datta tries to cut these worldly bonds through the spiritual knowledge. In fact, these worldly bonds are not directly cut. When the bond with God is formed, all these worldly bonds perish spontaneously. The attachment to God called as devotion (Bhakti) leads to subsequent detachment from the world called as vairagya. It is general observation that whenever you are really attached to something, you are naturally detached from all other things. When you are attached to the cinema, you forget all other things. Thus, the detachment from the world is a subsequent consequence of devotion only.
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