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  • Teenage fear

    True Story...

    On the beautiful Island of my origin, Puerto Rico in a small town called Dorado, around the teenage age of 13. I remember how afraid I was of the dark, especially during the fall of the Sun. During the day at school all I thought of; why darkness had to exist? who invented the night?, what makes it so obscure that I cannot see?, Where these strange and weird sound/noises come from? And how I was going to deal with it tonight? There were times that suicide was the only answer on my mind. I wanted all to end once and for all. However, I also thought of other things, for example, why my sisters were not afraid? after all, they are the girls and they suppose to be afraid at all or everything. At least, this is what I thought, the fact was that most of the time I begged my baby sister to sleep with me and she didn't I slept with her.

    As the creepy, dark and noisy nightmare approached, spending the last day light moments observing the family members getting ready to go to bed was an unbelievable experience. At that time, I just could not understand their attitude; they were actually happy and willing to go to bed without a sight of fear. My father was the first one to go, he worked all day, and therefore he was tired and succumbed to rest. Mother, just followed him with no problem what so ever, she was going to see the "novelas" until zzzzzz monster took over. My oldest sister was in love so she spent countless hours on the phone in a darkest room of the house, it was incredible! I just could not believe it. I use to pass by that room running with all the hair of my back in total attention!! What was my problem? My smallest sister didn't even turn on the light of her room or bathroom, it was not even going across her mind that perhaps some long hairy hand might touch her or take her away.

    Suddenly it was time; the night arrived like a demon out of hell!! I was terrified! cold sweating, and without a lick of sleepiness. Every noise was magnified 1000 times, it seem I was being invaded by the invisible harming creatures of the night. I heard steps, breathing, and voices of unknown languages. I felt beings sitting next to me on the bed, something touching me, sound of movements!! Meanwhile I was thinking, what ever is it, it may be taking me away to some eating ground and devour me. It 's going to chew me alive, inflict some sort of painful spell, I was breathing faster, my eyes were tightly close, what should I do?

    Fear and terror took a hold of me, every time without a chance to fight back or stand up. I felt hopeless just knowing that this awaking nightmare was to continue without an end in sight. The worst stage of the night was about to take place, I had to use the toilet, I waited until my bladder had to explode, suddenly that night, courage or strength overpowered me to actually make me go despise of the danger a few yards from my bedroom. The trip to the bathroom was one of the longest and scariest I always endured; every time I felt some awful creature breathing on my back, something heavy following me, the feeling that the most ugliest, monstrous creature with red lighted eyes would magically appear and attacked me. I turned every single light at the path or journey to the bathroom, including a flashlight Grandpa gave me; this was a must in order for the trip to be successful.

    Finally, sunrise appeared, that is when I could sleep for at least 20 to 30 minutes and recover a little lost sleep. I knew the crisis was temporary over; the night monsters spared my life again. Day after day I continuously searched for a way to cure this mental disease, but nothing really worked. I remember reading a book Mom and Dad read before going to church on Sunday and thus day. I noticed this Book gave them some sort of peace, power or something, but whatever it was I had to find it.

    I started to read this Book it was special Book, a Book that so far has satisfy and resolved not just that problem but every single problem I confronted in life. I strongly recommend this book to anybody, especially if you have problems that seem irresolvable or impossible to fix. If you feel is beyond your control then read this Book, it is called the "Holy Bible". This book cured the my fear to the unknown, death and gave me life far beyond my own comprehension

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    !Ahy Lechon!

    Ese cuento fue muy hermoso mi hermano. Asi es el amor de Dios, nuestra salvacion. Yo tambien, he tenido momentos en la vida, cuando todo me parecio oscuro, y por la mano de Dios, era salvado. Era por la iglesia "Parroquia Nuestra Senora de Fatima" Apto.667, Bo.Sabana Hoyos de Arecibo. Tuve la felicidad de irme a retiros con muchos jovenes de la Isla, y compartir nuestros tribulaciones de la vida. Conoci a muchos misioneros de paises como Brazil, Peru, Republica Dominicana, e Italia. Y todos me contaron todo de lo que pasa en sus paises, que las cosas estan mucho mas malo que Puerto Rico, pero la gente sigue con su confianza en Dios.
    Asi, tenemos que hacer todos los seres humanos. Amen.
    Asi sea, Asi sea, Asi sera.

    Sinceramente desde el fondo de mi corazon,
    -El Nene


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      Somos como rocas en las cuales, el escultor divino esculpe figuras humanas;

      Los golpes de su cincel que mas nos duelen, son los que nos hacen perfectos.

      "El que comenzo en nosotros la buena obra, la perfeccionara"
      (FIL. 1:6)

      -El Nene, Que Dios los Bendiga todos


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        Good posting conciencia. Though it might have been a horrible experience, especially as a child, you can now share your experiences(testimony) with other children or people that might be going through the same thing you did.


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          Un placer

          Gracias..fue un placer hermana.