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    What Translation....


    What translation you are using?


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      Conciencia knows no Koine Greek...

      Estrada "Conciencia" shows his utter ignorance of Koine Greek.

      I've asked him to explain why JW's did not translate the rest of the John 1 occurrences of "theos" as "a god" like with Christ earlier in their perverted Bible.

      His best argument is that they are tranliterating the Greek giving an example of "LORD", etc. What he did not realize is that he proved me right and revealed his lack of seeing what the JW's pulled on him.

      If he knew what he was talking about and knew Koine Greek he would realize that to translate also "literally" the other passages in John 1 would mean to do the same as what they did with the "Word" passage referring to Christ as "a god." Of course, this is an incorrect translation but here we see the stupidity and deliberate obfuscation of the passages by explaining things away with JW verbal gymnastics that only a trained person would see right through.

      The fact he did not catch his own JW's at their logical error shows the extent of his lack of sophistication at following logical arguments and his total lack of training in Biblical Languages.

      I recommend he enroll in a Seminary that is not a JW one and take New Testament Greek. Of course, he would never do so and if he did, he would enroll, attend a few classes and then drop out to be able to say he took a class in Koine Greek. Pray for him, folks... he exhibits the group mind typical of the JW deception.

      Feel sorry for him... he chooses his insanity gladly...that is sad.



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        [i]I don't think that college level Greek is Gerry Torres-Estrada's forte, AR; he is one of those guys who rather follow his organizations dogmas than go to the sources themselves. Yet he loves to dump scorn on Catholics for following lockstep with their Commander in Chief[b] at Rome... He just replaces one rigid politico-religious dictatorship for another.

        But you have to understand Torres, he comes from a Muslim background, so he is used to ignorant Anti-Christian dogma spouted by selfish corrupt dictatorial demon-possessed leaders. He has never known JESUS CHRIST personally, he doesn't know HIS voice, he doesn't even allow the HOLY SPIRIT speak to him. According to Scripture, his is a heart of STONE, for whom the darkest eternal prisons await . That is the lot of those who reject JESUS, sad as it is.