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    Hello, I do not feel like arguing or anything like that, I am just interested in looking for a Church near the The inter american university in San Juan. I am going to move there and i know no one nor have i ever been to Puerto Rico before, but i know that the most important thing is to find a good Christian environment that is focused on the Bible and not just docterin. Please let me know if of any that are close to the university, i will appreciate all you can offer. Also i do not have a place to stay yet and so other good church locations would be good too since i may end up closer to others. I am trusting in God for a place to stay near a church and a church that I can grow in. Thanks. y Que Dios les Bendiga >>..

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    Brother, no problem...

    During your stay in PR, you will find a diverse selection of churches. It will be wise if you just start visiting them on your own, there's one in every corner and every denomination. If you are a Catholic or Luteran, then go to any village and find the plaza, they are usually facing each other on almost all 72 or 74 villages or small cities throughout the Island and its territories.


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      Hey, thanks for the help. I do plan on visiting them before i make a decision, I just want to have a good idea of where to look and get some feedback to what is good before i get there so i will have some direction... Thank you kindly for your help. Chao y Que Dios le bendiga.