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    In Exodus 23:13 we are commanded not to mention the names of other gods; however, because of what the modern English translators have done with our Bibles, it is the name of our God that is seldom, if ever, mentioned by the majority of our people. The King James Version of the Holy Bible renders the Third Commandment as follows:
    Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain. (Exodus 20:7) *

    However, that is not how God's Holy Spirit intended for it to be written. The inspired Third Commandment is as follows:
    Thou shalt not take the name of YHWH thy God in vain; for YHWH will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.

    Making Vain the Name

    The four letters YHWH (pronounced Yahweh) were inspired by God's Holy Spirit to appear in the Old Testament over 6,800 times. Then why can it not be found in our common English versions except where it appears in an abbreviated form at the end of the word Halleluyah?

    The English translators on their own volition replaced God's name with something entirely different. What arrogance! What God inspired, no human translator has the right to change or remove, no matter how good the excuse sounds. King Solomon declared:
    ... what is his [God's] name, and what is his son's name, if thou canst tell? Every word of God is pure... Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar. (Proverbs 30:4-6)

    Yet that is exactly what most English translators did. They took away and added to God's Word by replacing His personal name Yahweh with the capital letters LORD and GOD or with the hybrid word Jehovah.
    In perverting the text, the English translators actually broke the Third Commandment since they made the name vain, that is, of none effect The word vain, as found in the Third Commandment, is translated from the Hebrew word shav (Strong's #7723). William Gesenius defines it in part as "emptiness, nothingness, vanity ... worthlessness."(2) It is the same word used by Moses in the Ninth Commandment translated false:

    Neither shalt thou bear false witness against thy neighbor. (Deuteronomy 5:20)
    In other words, we are not to use God's name falsely or bear false witness to it by replacing it with misleading titles and uninspired substitutions.

    It has been declared that the Third Commandment has nothing to do with the literal name of God, but rather with the authority of His name. Authority is intrinsic to the Third Commandment; however, it remains impossible to exclude God's personal name from this commandment. For example, a Roman soldier's authority was in the name of Caesar, however, had he presented himself in the name of Nebuchadnezzar, his authority would have been nullified.

    Consider the following emphasis that God Himself put on His name:
    And God said more over unto Moses, Thus shalt thou say unto the Children of Israel, YHWH God of your fathers ... hath sent me unto you: this is my name for ever, and this is my memorial unto all generations. (Exodus 3:15)

    Consequently, we have been charged to remember, to commemorate and to memorialize His name. Yet, most modern translators have done just the opposite and have nearly wiped God's sacred name from the memory of His people.

    Empty Excuses

    After admitting that "While it is almost if not quite certain that the Name was originally pronounced 'Yahweh,'" the translators of the Revised Standard Version provide the following excuse for the elimination of God's personal name from the Scriptures:
    For two reasons the [Revised Standard Version] Committee has returned to the more familiar usage [of substituting YHWH with either the LORD or GOD] of the King James Version: (1) the word 'Jehovah' does not accurately represent any form of the name ever used in Hebrew; and (2) the use of any proper name for the one and only God ... was discontinued in Judaism before the Christian era and is entirely inappropriate for the universal faith of the Christian Church. (3)
    What audacity! What gives any man or any group of men the right to overrule God? God alone knows best what is and what is not appropriate for the Christian Church.

    The editorial board of the New American Standard Bible made the following admission:
    This name [Yahweh] has not been pronounced by the Jews.... Therefore, it has been consistently translated LORD. (4)

    But what the Jews pronounce, or do not pronounce, has nothing to do (or should have nothing to do) with what God inspired in His Word.
    The Smith and Goodspeed translation is probably the most frank:
    In this translation we have followed the orthodox Jewish tradition and substituted "the LORD" for the name "Yahweh" and the phrase "the Lord GOD" for the phrase "the Lord Yahweh." (5)

    In light of Matthew 15:3, there is no excuse for what the English translators did:
    But he [Yahshua] answered and said unto them, Why do ye [Jews] also transgress the commandment of God by your tradition?


    Let us now direct our attention to the New Testament and the name of our Savior. Following are seven reasons for using the Hebrew name Yahshua in lieu of the English name Jesus:

    The Memorial Name

    God chose Yahweh or its shortened form Yah to be His memorial name to all generations - Exodus 3:15. Only the name Yahshua memorializes that name.

    The Name Above All Names

    The Son's name is the name above all names - Ephesians 1:20-21; Philippians 2:9. But what name specifically is above all other names?
    ... Stand up and bless Yahweh your God for ever and ever: and blessed be Thy glorious name, which is exalted above all blessing and praise. Thou, even thou, are Yahweh alone.... (Nehemiah 9:5-6)

    Since the name above all names is Yahweh, only Yahshua can be the Savior's name.

    A More Excellent Name

    The Son inherited a more excellent name - Hebrews 1:4. From where did the Son inherit His name? From the Father, of course. Consequently, He could only inherit from the Father what the Father Himself possessed. Did the Father possess the name Jesus or Yahshua? The answer seems quite apparent especially when one keeps in mind that the Father is addressed by the abbreviated name Yah forty-nine times in the Old Testament (Psalm 68:4; etc.), which can only be found in the Hebrew name Yahshua.

    The Son to Come in the Name of Yahweh

    Our Savior manifested or made known, the Father's name while here on earth - John 17:6, 26. In only three New Testament passages do we find the Son actually introducing Himself. The first time is found in the account of the Apostle Paul's conversion in Acts 9. The second and third times are found where Paul was recounting the same event in Acts 22 and 26. One of those accounts informs us in what language the Savior manifested His name to Paul:
    ... I [Paul] heard a voice speaking unto me, and saying in the Hebrew tongue.... And I [Paul] said, Who are thou, Lord? And He said, I am Yahshua.... (Acts 26:14-15)

    Had the Savior used the English name Jesus, He would not have been manifesting the Father's name.

    Since the family name Yah is found in both the Father's and the Son's name, Yahshua could appropriately say: "I am come in My Father's name...." (John 5:43)

    In John 12:12-13, certain Jerusalem residents proclaimed:
    Hosanna: Blessed is the King of Israel that cometh in the name of the LORD.

    This is a quotation from Psalm 118:26 in which the tragrammaton (the Hebrew letters YHWH) was substituted with the uninspired words "the LORD." In other words, in fulfillment of this Old Testament prophecy, those Israelites were proclaiming the Messiah as having come in the name of Yahweh. Only in the name of Yahshua could it be said that the Savior came in the name of Yahweh.

    The Son's Name Was To Mean "Yahweh Saves"

    When Mary was pregnant with the Son of God, Joseph was told to give her offspring a name that meant: "he [Yahweh] shall save his people." (Matthew 1:21) The English name Jesus does not fulfill that (as it has no meaning in any language, being a Greek/Latin hybrid); however, that is precisely what Yahshua means. Yahshua in Strong's Concordance is #3091 which is defined as coming from #3068 - Yahweh, and from #3467 - yasha, which means "to save.(6) " Together Yahweh and yasha, or Yahshua, means Yahweh saves.

    New Testament Baptism was to be in The Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

    From the evidence provided in the book of Acts, we know that the disciples did not baptize using the formula "in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost" (Matthew 28:19). Rather they baptized in one specific name - Acts 2:38, etc., a name that accurately represented all three. What name fulfills the conditions of the Great Commission? What choices do we have for the Father's name? There are no Greek or English equivalents for the Father's name, LORD and GOD are not names but are titles and Jehovah is a 16th century hybrid corruption. On the other hand, it is known that God's personal name is Yahweh - shortened to Yah forty-nine times in the Old Testament.

    What choices do we have for the Son's name? Given the options of Iesous (Greek), Jesus (English) or Yahshua (Hebrew), which of the three can also be used for the Father and the Holy Spirit? Only Yahshua.

    The Apostle Paul quoting Joel 2:32 (properly translated) declared:

    ...whosoever shall call upon the name of Yahweh shall be saved. (Romans 10:13)

    How does one call upon the name of Yahweh? In only one place in the New Testament are we told how this is accomplished:
    [Ananias speaking to Paul] And now why tarriest thou? Arise, and be baptized and wash away thy sins, calling on the name of the Lord. (Acts 22:16)

    Just three days prior, the Savior had manifested His name to the Apostle Paul in Hebrew as Yahshua. So what name do you suppose Paul was immersed in or that he called upon in fulfillment of Joel 2:32 and Romans 10:13? The name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! The name Yahshua!

    The Deity of Yahshua

    Lastly, and most importantly, the Hebrew pronunciation of our Savior's name should be used since the deity of Yahshua is proven therein. If the Hebrew names had been left intact in the Scriptures, it would be much more difficult, if not impossible, for a person to be persuaded against the deity of Yahshua the Christ.

    Consider the Old Testament prophecies regarding Yahweh that were attributed to Yahshua. For example, whose way was John the Baptist to prepare? Who was to be betrayed for thirty pieces of silver? Whose side was to be pierced? Who was the stone that the builders rejected, and who was to become the chief corner stone? If your answer to these questions is Jesus, you had better look at those prophecies again! In those passages **, the tetragrammaton was removed and replaced with the words "the LORD." Restore God's personal name YHWH and it becomes immediately apparent that those prophecies were about Yahweh fulfilled in Yahshua.

    Not only that, but when we use the Hebrew name of our Savior, it clearly describes not simply what some man is doing or what some prophet is doing or even what another god is doing. It describes what the GOD of gods, the great I Am, what YAHWEH is doing! Our Savior was named in Hebrew Yahshua because it means Yahweh saves. Additionally, our Savior was named in Hebrew Immanuel, meaning God with us, which testifies to the same.


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    Muy buena informacion

    Me gusto mucho la informacion sobre la realidad del nombre del verdadero Dios, Jehova y su hijo Jesucristo. Me alegro de que aun existan personas que reconocen el verdadero nombre del verdadero Dios,,Jehova.

    Miami, Fl


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      Playing the name game...

      Originally posted by Willbe
      ...It has been declared that the Third Commandment has nothing to do with the literal name of God, but rather with the authority of His name. Authority is intrinsic to the Third Commandment; however, it remains impossible to exclude God's personal name from this commandment. For example, a Roman soldier's authority was in the name of Caesar, however, had he presented himself in the name of Nebuchadnezzar, his authority would have been nullified...
      [i]Yeshua and Jesus, which to pick...?

      "Willbe", you must realize that in our cursed world, names change, if at least in the way they are PRONOUNCED.

      Your example of the name CAESAR is a perfect example of this. Did you know that it was originally pronounced KAH-EH-SAR? Only in German, does that title still bear some resemblance to the original way it was pronounced: Kayser. Not even in Spanish has the Roman title kept its original pronounciation: Cesar, which in Castille is pronounced THETA_sound-EH-SAR, while in Puerto Rico and the rest of Latin America it is pronounced as SEH-SAR.

      So, trying to pronounce the DIVINE NAME in perfectness is not such a piece of cake; and that is assuming that YAHWEH is the right way to pronounce it, since NO ONE REALLY KNOWS
      (outside of ultra-orthodox Jews of the Priesthood lineage, who have probably repeated in secret the name for ages, awaiting the restoration of the Jewish Temple) how it sounded or sounds. There is even a group out there, also pompously proclaiming to have the handle on the DIVINE NAME, saying that it is pronounced as "YAHOO"... We could go on and on.

      The real issue, whether you can pronounce "bacalaíto" right or not is WHETHER WE ARE DESCRIBING THE SAME BEING. Imagine that you go to Africa and you ask for a "bacalaíto", and instead they give you a rock; wouldn't you be disappointed? That is the problem with Islam, where Muslims swear that they worship the GOD we Christians worship. Our GOD is FATHER-SON-HOLY_SPIRIT, a GOD with three simultaneous personalities. Their
      god is so far removed from humanity that its relationship to humans is of the same type as a dog owner an his dog (where we humans are the dogs). That is why it is a blasphemy to Muslim to call their god as Father. Our GOD loved us so much that HE gave HIMSELF in the Person of HIS ONLY SON to die (Physically, that is, through the separation of matter and spirit, not by complete non-existence) on a Roman Cross for ALL HUMANITY. Our GOD is truly MERCIFUL, while their god[b] only arbitrarily bears that name.

      This is why it is so important of DECRIBING the right ENTITY. And this is the great missionary challenge, that when a missionary in the Amazon Jungles teaches about Christ, that even though the natives may not be able to pronounce perfectly the NAME, that they know WHO they are calling-believing_in-and-praying_to. Once you know WHO, then even though there may be linguistic barriers in this cursed world, you and your brother/sister in Christ will be joined in spirit to the SAME BEING you both are worshiping.


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        SI YAHWEH

        Shalom El_Jibaro:

        In 1980 when I first learned of Yahweh's name I had already knew his name to be Jehovah and Yahowah and then I found that some called him Yahveh, Jahweh, Jahveh.

        I was pregnant in spring of 1980 and on this particular day, I literally got on my knees and said a prayer to the Most High and asked him his name. I said something like, "I have learned that your name is Yahowah, Yahweh, Yahveh, Jahveh and Jahweh" what is your name?

        The following morning I sat up in the bed and heard in a whispher "YAHWEH".

        With this revelation, Yahweh told me personally and I heard with my own ears that his name is Yahweh.

        Baruch Atah Yahweh (Hebrew) BLESSED ARE YOU OF YAHWEH! (English)

        I LOVE YOU!

        Yah bless!


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          Dear Willbe,

          That's so beautiful to have God step out of eternity and speak to you.
          Yes His name is YHWH - Yahweh.

          Isn't it beautiful?

          And it really shows that He came here and saved His people from their sins like He promised in the Old Testament.

          Because His son's name is Yahshua (Jesus) which means:

          Yahweh is Salvation.
          The prophecy says in Isaiah:
          A son shall be born and they shall call Him Mighty God and Everalsting Father.

          So YHWH which means 'I AM THAT IAM' tells us that God is and will be what ever He is at the time He needs to be it.
          So He came here in the flesh and saved His people from their sins.

          Thank you Almighty God!



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            'YAHWEH' THE NAME above all other names

            Also note that it is the Name Yahweh that is to be set apart (hallowed, sanctified) and to endure forever. It does not mention that other names are to be set apart. Yahshua said, "I have come in My Father's Name..." (Yahchanan [John] 5:43). The Name Yahshua means 'Yahweh is Redeemer'. He also said in a communication (prayer) with His Father 'which is in heaven', "I have made Your Name known to the men that You have given Me out of the world". (Yahchanan [John] 17:6)

            [Edited by Frank4YAHWEH on 20th November 2002 at 00:52]
            (ALL) Praise Be To Yahweh! "HalleluYAH(WEH)!"

            Yahshua said, "But I do not seek my own esteem; there is One Who seeks it and He judges." (Yahchanan [John] 8:50 & 5:30)


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              Re: SI YAHWEH

              Originally posted by Willbe
              Shalom El_Jibaro:

              In 1980 when I first learned of Yahweh's name I had already knew his name to be Jehovah and Yahowah and then I found that some called him Yahveh, Jahweh, Jahveh.

              I was pregnant in spring of 1980 and on this particular day, I literally got on my knees and said a prayer to the Most High and asked him his name. I said something like, "I have learned that your name is Yahowah, Yahweh, Yahveh, Jahveh and Jahweh" what is your name?

              The following morning I sat up in the bed and heard in a whispher "YAHWEH".

              With this revelation, Yahweh told me personally and I heard with my own ears that his name is Yahweh.

              Baruch Atah Yahweh (Hebrew) BLESSED ARE YOU OF YAHWEH! (English)

              I LOVE YOU!

              Yah bless!
              Willbe, you write like you are a Jewess. And I will tell you why. Because like all Jews, when they get a notion in their heads about Yahshua or Yahweh, or anything religious that reaches the intensity, as in your case of an auditory type, and in others of visions, the Jews always tend to say they know BECAUSE GOD TOLD THEM.

              Now if that be the case with you, then you are merely reinforcing that way of the Jewish people, and really have nothing new to tell anyone. In short, you are either deceiving the people, or pathetically having an auditory hallucination, which isn't all that uncommon with Jews.
              E.1: TWO STEPS FORWARD, ONE STEP BACK - V.I. Lenin


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                I don't know why Jibaro mentioned ISLAM in the subject when it is obviously not realted to Islam. And i hoped at least he would mention something right.. but as usual, he don't understand the islamic belief in GOD and insist on talking baout it!!!

                what do you know about GOD?/

                how can GOD have three personalities!! (something like an actor???)
                when GOD became JESUS.. does that mean he is no longer in heaven.. or did he had to split...
                when he wrestled Jacob,, does that mean there was no GOD in heaven... or what happened??

                ** CAN YOU PROVE THE EXISTANCE OF GOD ???????????

                btw. in Arabic Caeser is pronounced Kayser.. (not only German)...


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                  YAH we love U

                  Eternal Father, may Your Name be forever hallowed. To know You is eternal Life. Tto know You is to know the Truth. Father of all Wisdom, sanctify me with Your Ruach HaKodesh so that my heart will utter sayings full of wisdom. Unique and Perfect, source of Sublime Love, Your Majesty, ravish my heart to praise You night and day. Fountain of Myrrh and Aloes, fragrance my wretched soul with Your delicate fragrance so that when I meet My King and Your Beloved Son, He will not turn His Eyes away from me. To know You is to be in Your Light, this Light which will show me the Way, and draw me in Your Beloved Son's Footsteps. Well of Living Water come, come and immerse me your child in Your Stream that flows profusely out of Your Sanctuary. O Elohim! I love You to tears! Let my wretched soul long for all that is Kodesh; let my soul taste Your Tenderness. Yahweh, You are my Elohim; I praise Your Name, for You have looked upon my wretched soul and filled it with the brightness of Your Kavod. My heart now sings to You Father; my spirit rejoices in Your Spirit. O Elohim, my Father, allow my soul to succumb in Your Loving Arms by setting Your Seal on my heart so that my love for You becomes stronger than Death itself. Omein! Yahshua/Yahweh/Me (((HalleluYah)))


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                    You might want to check out the following article.

                    True Stories About Christmas

                    And as to names, it is ONLY our Heavenly Father and Creator's Name that is to be Set Apart ("Hallowed, Holy, Sacred").

                    Yahweh Nissi means 'Yahweh is my banner' (flag). Not the American flag (banner).

                    (ALL) Praise Be To Yahweh! "HalleluYAH(WEH)!"

                    Yahshua said, "But I do not seek my own esteem; there is One Who seeks it and He judges." (Yahchanan [John] 8:50 & 5:30)


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                      This is the first time I'm here and I'm pleased to know El Jibaro and the rest of participants are people who study the subject. It's good to remember Jews gra-dua-ly or in a slow motion process began to forgot the Holy Name until it was pronounced once every 7 years by holy priest. Rabby A.Marmorstein in Old Rabbinic Doctrine of God admited in Helenistic period, first part of 3rd Century b.C. the name was forbidden completely. Yet , if the name was written thousands of times and the very 10 commandments registered the name a fistful of times, it was obvious that the name was to be remembered and it's just a superstition the confusion between not using it abusing or in vane with no using it all. It goes even further when a title like "god" which is a title used in the Bible to Satan, to judges, false gods and even Moses in Exodus 7:1, the Jews forget this fact and the fact thew title is just a translation but they still take off a vowel like I or O in English and others in different languages. IEremiah admits they forgot the name and confused with Baal (23:27; 3:21; 2 Kings 23:5)It's no surprise Freemasons call Him "Jahbulon"! Isaiah 63:19; 64:6; 65:1 explains Israel forgot His name and thus God allow other people to know the secret of the name and it's not need to show the texts admiting if there's still any purpose in Israel IS NOT BECAUSE OF THEM BUT BECAUSE OF HIS NAME.
                      How many people know the "YAH" shouldn't be used as a prefix or confused with a suffix? Did you know that word means "depravity", "perverted"? Did you know Jews altered the name of the godess moon Yahreah to transform into Yahweh? Do you think they will reveal the name to non-Jews as millions have already read those letters? Christ explain nobody ever saw God in person neither heard directly His voice, he always used visions, proyections of reality, Job 33 explains the communication via dreams and so on. Even Moses thought he was talking directly with God yet Acts 7:30, 35, 38 admits he was always a sort of angel or messanger, not an ordinary one but the Angel of the Covenant.
                      Hence, the Jews are not gonna tell you the name of God is IEVE linked with "Eve" with the meaning of "be" with causative root in the book Sepher II, verse 4. Interesting cos the revelation of the name IEVE is linked with something seen by more than 70 people with Moses , Exodus 24:9-11. It's said before the 10 commandments something was written in the Sepher which is a book and safire means "to tell things". It's said the information was recorded in a stone as hard as diamond but could be bend like a pergamine roll.


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                        The name IEVE is a pyramid itself related to number 72
                        In all these sites with many differebt explanations you'll find the name IEVE. But it's difficult to understand. When you read in English, you probably think the I SOUNDS like in "wine, mine" but you forget the fact it has 2 sounds like in "divine"! The sound gotta be like in "sit, click,pit, fit". When you MINGLE the sound with the "e" it's pretty much like "Jeh" or "Yeh" but it's not quite like it. So the name IN ENGLISH gotta be pronounced AS SPELLING THE I (like in "sit") and E like in "met, wet" (not like in "meet, seed, weave"). That's the name meaning He was, He is and He will be. It's not "ani hu" meaning "I AM" (somebody). It was no H at all. That letter is Greek origin and was pronounced ETA in Greek and mute in Latin. The Jews prefer to give attention to J but nothing they say about that H. Why don't they explain in Paleo-Hebrew the same letter was exactly like our E but inverted like the reflection in a mirror? Hmmm?
                        Interesting is the Jew (well adviced) Steven Spielberg showed the tetragrammaton in the medallion as interpreted by the wise bearded old man in "Raiders of the Lost Ark". Click "pause" to make the image being still to read it. In "Indiana Jones and the Last Cruzade" we see the heroe mumbles the name "Jehovah" but after almost falling from the false floor, he rememembers he should've chosen I follow by E. Usually the people ignore there was the repeated E and the V, but Jews can't swear the pronunciation of that V was like Anglosaxon W or U! But "Eve" was Eve and Abraham you can call him Avraam! Can't you see the deceiption on purpose? They altered the name introducing false vowels of the titles "god" and "lord" (eloim, adonai)in the sacred name. Indeed Ezekiel 36:19-23 explains one of the reasons people from Israel were spread all over the world was because they MADE A PROFANATION of His sacred name and we know even Zephanaiah (Sephaniah)3:4 and IEremiah 8:8 admits the scribes LIED altereing the Law, that means the Torah. I'm writing IEremiah on purpose rather than Jeremiah cos I know they added a tail to letter I (called "iota")to form the J only in the Middle Ages, 16th Century. The Jews probably don't know their own letter they call "yod" sometimes as being "iod" was also altered adding the original non-existing vowel O! If the letter Y is Greek and you call it like "why", so each and every letter has an origin indeed but too few people want to investigate.
                        The Jews should ask their Rabbies and Christians to their leaders IF THEY REALLY KNOW how come the name of entity was used in ancient times as we read in Genesis 4:26. Maybe checking that list of Enosh, and double Lamechs and double Enochs or switching names between parents and children you will discover how come the name of God is related to a pyramid. How many of you know the secret of using the name of God in PHOENICIAN or Canaanite language in the middle and border of Egypt and its ALTAR if we believe Isaiah 19:18-24.
                        But I don't think I can discuss this issue here,can I?
                        Anyone interested?
                        Use my nickname "Inca" if you wanna have a chat.


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                          People often ignore Jews couldn't PRONOUNCE the name of someone considered "cursed" and hung on torture stake or cross. Jews had to alter names like Judas and Christ, the name gotta be forgotten! So I laugh everytime I hear the name was Yeshua or Yoshua. It was not. Even letters and sylabes were corrupted. It was like killing 2 birds with 1 stone cos at the same time the name of the Father was hidden too! In Aramean the name was not IESHUA like it sounds in Mel Gibson's PASSION. It was Issa pretty much like Arab (languages alike with Hebrew). If you check the Hebrew letters of Christ name you will recognize Isivaa with double AA sound like in Canaan or Balaam. There was the V like in Avraam and Eve and following the Hebrew grammar you'll need to use the vowel I because of the NAME OF THE LETTER "SIN". In the film, when Peter cuts soldier's ear off, we hear Christ mumbling "ana hu" an Aramean version of Hebrew "aní hu" meaning "I am" (anybody). Yet this is not what was actually said. It's a transliteration BORROWED FROM KOINÉ GREEK "ego.eimí" in John 18:1-8. BUT CHRIST WAS NOT TALKING GREEK TO GREEKS in that ocassion. The ones who heard him had a REACTION, they fell on the ground after they witdrew in awe admiration. He indeed REPEATED the name purposely to provoke that reaction. Why? Because he wanted to call attention to himself, he didn't want the disciples to be arrested! What he was actually saying was something he did in several ocassions (sometimes putting in jeopardy his life, almost to be stoned before time!). It was not "ani hu" but the repetition of the Sacred Holy name as it was revealed to Moses in Exodus 3:14, 15. He was saying I-JEH (as transcripted in English, in Spanish it would be "aeié") which is IEVE's name translated. Or he was saying I-JEH or spelling IEVE (as I indicated before).
                          More confirmation of this is while million of ignorant Christians in a parrot-like imitation they say urfatherwhoarethinheavenhallowbethyname really they can't sanctify a name which they ignore! The very context of John 18 is written in previous chapter 17:6,11,12,26 where 4 times he repeats Christ revealed the secret name to his apostles! So much for the people who insist the name is not significant! Since at least some letters were inserted in his name and belonged to his Father (something very common in Hebrew names of the past)this was relevant.
                          I gotta say the Jewish community from Peru & Argentina were irritated when the name IEVE was written and taught orally. The reason? Because Jews think it's only a Jewish privilege. They should've re-read the prophets, specially Moses in Deuteronomian 32:21; Hoseah 1, 9 and the others I have already quoted.


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                            This dicoveries are beginning to spread all over the Earth by different people. Of course in Cyrillic Russian language IEVE gotta be written in different way while in French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian is pretty much the same.
                            Another researcher found interesting information but unfortunately people tend to "jump" over internet information cos the eyes get tired easily after 20 minutes. But since we're not talking about the name of your stupid parrot, your company, etc, but the name of God as revealed by Moses and taught by Messiah...

                            (really the name has nothing to do with Hebrew but it comes from Latin IESVS and Greek IESOYS and "adapted" to Hebrew)
                            ...., it's important to PRINT some information like the site I just mentioned. Other investigators arrived to similar conclusions regarding the false Yahweh bt you gotta print 44 pages in:
                            Yet, the author failed to give reasons why IEVE is not the correct form and excused himself not responding me cos of his wife disease. The fact is we continue conversation afterwards but he never responded the main issue. But is good information explainng why you can't use Yahweh. That's why I introduced many sites and information or explanation BEFORE mentioning this last site cos I don't want you to be confused. IEVE was also mention by the own Jews and if they go to a non-Jew house trying to stop him from teaching the name IEVE is because at least a fistful of them really know that was, is and always be the sole name. This is imposible if we translate to 200 differebt languages an already corrupted Yahwah, Yahweh or Jehovah! Zecariah 14:8 was right. But, are you checking the texts to read in your own Bibles instead of trusting or ignoring my comments?


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                              Also you can follow the 4 pages discussion in: