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  • Does Believing Make It So?


    When Julie went away to college, she made a point of witnessing to her three roommates, who listened politely and seemed supportive. Julie was excited; they all seemed open to the Gospel. But to her surprise, they responded just as warmly when Sally said she was into the New Age and believed in "the god within all of us," and when Amy said she believed that God is a "force"—like in Star Wars, and when Ruth said she was a "very spiritual" person but didn’t believe in any god at all.

    But what baffled Julie most of all was when the others agreed that "we’re all saying the same thing in the end."

    How can Christian students like Julie make sense of the bewildering range of beliefs they encounter in this post-Christian age? In his book, How to Stay Christian in College, Professor J. Budziszewski explains that Julie had run into the powerful myth that "truth is whatever you sincerely believe." It holds that, if you believe it, then it’s "true for you"—and rules of logic and evidence don’t apply.

    The "myth of sincerity" is especially potent when it comes to life’s big questions—about God and morality. Consider abortion, for example. A few years ago, abortionist James McMahon said, "I frankly think the soul or personage comes in when the fetus is accepted by the mother." In other words, an unborn baby only becomes human when the mother sincerely believes he’s human.

    Christian students encounter the same reasoning on the college campus. If a classmate sincerely believes her unborn child is human, friends will call the child a "baby" and congratulate her. But if she doesn’t, they call it a "fetus" and encourage her to have an abortion.

    This is such an obvious fallacy. Can we really make something true just by believing it? How about a concrete example? If you sincerely believe your onion rings are french fries, do they become french fries? If you sincerely believe that you’re a frog, do you become a frog? You might leap in the air, but you still will not be a frog.

    When it comes to concrete, familiar objects, no one falls for the sincerity myth. We all know there’s an objective reality that exists on its own, despite what we may believe about it—and no matter how sincere we are. If we accept the idea of objective truth when dealing with trivial questions, then logically we have to accept it when dealing with big questions about God and morality as well.

    When students like Julie leave home, they need to know how to counter the myths they’ll face on college campuses. Visit BreakPoint Online ( ) to find out about our exciting new resource, the "College Survival Kit." It includes three study guides to my book How Now Shall We Live?, along with J. Budziszewski’s book How to Stay Christian in College, and several other helpful tools for your college-bound son or daughter. And it comes in a handsome book bag from our Christian think tank, The Wilberforce Forum*, named for the great Christian political leader and abolitionist, William Wilberforce. Students can carry the bag on campus, and other students will ask who Wilberforce is. What a great opportunity to tell them what a Christian witness Wilberforce made!

    Christian young people don’t need to be baffled about how to respond to their roommates or their professors. With a little help, they can learn to cut through the myths and fables with the sharp edge of biblical truth.

    * -

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by El_Jibaro


    Juan 15

    "YO SOY La vid verdadera, mi Padre es el viñador. Si alguna rama no produce, la corta. En cambio, poda las que producen fruto para obtener aun mayores cosechas."

    El Espiritu Santo los guirá a toda la verdad

    Juan 26

    "Pero yo les mandare al Consolador, al Espiritu Santo, el manantial de toda verdad. "

    Think, Jib, Think before you SPAM!!!!



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      Why do you have to copy from a book?

      I read you all the time, both of you guys and I wonder do you really believe.....I believe that we were put here for a reason...but do we really know the reason why we are here?.....I believe in GOD the almighty....The books say so many things....but what do you feel from the heart?
      Can you really look deep inside and tell me without the word from any one else but YOU!....What do you believe in?


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        Somehow Flor and Yauti seem two sides of the same coin...

        [i]The ARTICLE says in plain language that most KIDS nowadays are convinced that the TRUTH-REALITY is a fabrication of the beholder, "if the sky is red to you man, then it is RED to you...".

        If TRUTH-REALITY is something we concoct INDIVIDUALLY then there is no reason to seek JUSTICE,
        "cause what may be right for you may be wrong for me, and what may be wrong for you may right for me man, dig it?...".

        Used to be in Yauti's COLLEGE DAYS some 40 years ago, that most KIDS used to believe that RIGHT-WRONG and the TRUTH were established by a PANEL OF EXPERTS. And, of course, in the PANEL OF EXPERTS what the
        "majority" of the "experts" finagled and manipulated politically was LAW...

        Now from that world the 60's Generation made, today's KIDS are in the NEXT STEP: there is NO
        "Right-Wrong", the "Truth" is something totally INDIVIDUAL... And in that respect, what you devote your life religiously "IS RIGHT", whatever it is...
        You can worship JESUS and believe in the Bible, no problem...

        You can RELIGIOUSLY dedicate yourself to worshiping sex and having sex with toddlers and young goats...

        You can worship Qetzal-Coatl and sacrifice your enemies by cutting their hearts out with a stone blade...

        Hey, you can even be an atheist and kill all the religious people in the world, that
        "IS RIGHT" too...
        You see, ONCE we cross the threshold of saying that THERE IS NO OBJECTIVE TRUTH, then nothing is Right and nothing is Wrong.

        not MURDER,

        not LYING,

        not STEALING,

        not RAPING,

        not etc...
        And NOTHING IS RIGHT either, like loving your kids and taking care of them, helping the poor, protecting the innocent and the weak, respecting the elderly, etc...

        Now, to Flor, I have checked inside of myself, and I have found an interesting PARADOX:
        "For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out."
        - Romans 7:18[b]
        That is why I must look outside of myself: JESUS.

        You may think that you are PERFECT, but being honest with myself, I am not.

        That is why long ago I decided to place my trust not on myself, since I am very flawed, but on the ONE who is REALLY PERFECT and yet suffered for what I deserve: JESUS.


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          It's Worth Repeating....belief makes zilch in philosophy

          QUOTE]Originally posted by Eddier1
          As a Christian doing research at M.I.T., Dr. Hutchinson says, "The marvels of the scientific world are little revelations of God?s creative thoughts. ."


          Religionists, like Dr. Hutchinson, have the "notion" that things are the way they are, BECAUSE they believe or have faith that they are so.

          On the other hand, scientists have the concept that things are the way they are, BECAUSE they can prove that they are so through the scientific method of discovering the invariant relationships or iron laws of nature, by going from things that are known and making inferences to things that are not known. In point of fact, though testing and reproducing or repeating the results of the tests, scientists can discover a scientific explanation which is biunique with prediction. Such a scientific explantion of the way things are is in a one-to-one correlation with predictability. And the results are the scientific laws discovered concerning the universe.

          Theists, on the contrary, never have to prove anthing, because they have "belief". And when in ecclesiastical history, they tried to prove the existence of what they termed "God", they were never able to do it. And so they resorted to believing that it was so; in short, advancing the notion of faith in that it was so. All of it, is without proving that it was so. And when they challenged atheist scientists to DISprove the existence of what they termed "God", such scientists made it clear and unequivocable that they did not have to disprove it, because it was beyond the limitations of human understanding to prove the nonexistence of what religionists believe, which is that there is an omnipotent, infinite, and omniscient being who created everything and to whom they are obliged to worship.

          Religionists went on to charge the scientists with having a religion and/or a cult in atheism. But astute scientists have pointed out that their atheism is merely the ABSENCE OF BELIEF OR FAITH, and not a denial of the existence of "God". For the term "god" refers to that which is beyond the boundaries of finite human understanding, and is therefore in effect NOTHING. And anything that is multiplied by nothing, zilch, or zero is NOTHING or ZERO, no matter what it is. Therefore, even multiplying DENIAL by ZERO is zero. And, therefore, atheist scientists can never be accused of being cultists or religionist in their atheism.

          Only the religionists can have a religion of nothingness, because they introduce the element of their belief or faith into a failed attempt to prove the existence of "God".

          Yours truly,
          EddieR [/B][/QUOTE]
          E.1: TWO STEPS FORWARD, ONE STEP BACK - V.I. Lenin


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            Interesting topic!

            I just would like to ask, is the numeral 1 greater the 0 and is the nuebral -1 higher the what is really zero?



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              I think, dear Jibaro, the problem is of mis-understanding of science.. modern science.. QUANTUM THEORY, PAULI'S UNCERTAINITY LAW, THEORY OF RELATIVITY, made people who did not understand them well, and did not undertsand their field and limitation to accept relativity in every aspect.

              it is true that if i measure speed of object to be 10 m/s towards me, that's the true speed realtive to me.. while relative to another person moving with the object is ZERO m/s..
              but people taking these concept on reality and believe is A MISTAKE.. due to lack of certainity they feel!

              1 > 0 > -1
              SO ZERO is really what we call when indicating the COUNT of NOTHINGNESS. (but not nothingness it self)


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                believing DOES make it so, that's why we need rules, laws, governments, etc.

                i believe...
                sincerely, boricuafrican