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  • "uncle" Eddie's DIALECTIC COMPUTER

    For a long time I thought you were the stinky skinny bearded idiot trumpet player who killed and maimed scores of Puerto Ricans in the name of his lost cause. But lately, while observing that my posts on JABBA-THE-HUT were all mysteriously censored, it dawned on me that you are the fat man himself, that explains your heart problems...

    How rude I have been in not recognizing your significance to your lost cause. And also, now I understand why you are so lonely and hopeless.

    Anyway, I don't bear a grudge against you
    (I also ask GOD to fill all those empty places in your heart...).

    OK, now on the DIALECTIC COMPUTER that could be made and called the MB-1 for
    MariBras Number 1.

    All computers, and all software are rooted in LOGIC. The nice images we see here have that same LOGIC as the rock on which they are founded.

    Just as dots of light and darkness make most images we see, LOGIC Statments make all the Information Age possible.

    You see, at their very core, computer chips are small electrical switches being in ON-OFF position. Those ON-OFF switches obey simple rules based on LOGIC. The interesting thing is that simple rules generate all the rest of the rules.

    The rules applied, also called BOOLEAN LOGIC, make of the ON setting to be the TRUE switch, and the OFF setting to be the FALSE switch. The rest of the rules are just addition and subtraction of TRUE and FALSE.
    • When TRUE is added to FALSE, the resulting statement is FALSE.
    • When TRUE is added to TRUE, the resulting statement is TRUE.
    • When FALSE is added to FALSE, the resulting statement is FALSE.
    Amazing little rules !!!

    Now, imagine a MB-1 made of DIALECTIC LOGIC.

    But before we can construct the MB-1 we have to call the ON-switch to be the THESIS, and the OFF-switch is the ANTI-THESIS:
    • When THESIS is added to ANTI-THESIS, the resulting statement is SYNTHESIS.
    • When THESIS is added to THESIS, the resulting statement is SYNTHESIS.
    • When ANTI-THESIS is added to ANTI-THESIS, the resulting statement is SYNTHESIS.
    The amazing thing is that always a SYNTHESIS is produced. You can have as many opposing sets of data, and no matter what, you will always get is an ever growing SYNTHESIS. Wow!!!

    My guess is that the MB-1 will either look like a blank screen all the time or a black screen all the time. It will not work for anything else but to occupy a large space on someone's desk doing nothing forever. The MB-1 will be easily replaceable with a big boulder.

    But if the MB-1 is sold as Marxist Agitators peddle their ideology, one would think that with the MB-1 you could do EVERYTHING. Yet, amazingly, after a buyer spends all that cash and sweat on an MB-1 the results of connecting it to the electrical socket will invariably be the same:
    Except that the MB-1 salesperson will be far richer than the salesperson for a BOOLEAN-LOGIC Computer since the MB-1 salesperson can either fill the MB-1 case with rocks, or make DIALECTIC-LOGIC Computer Chips that never do anything, and my guess is that the MB-1 salesperson will go the route of least effort...

    And the MB-1 buyer will be far poorer, for he spent an arm and a leg for a useless box of rocks, and he will end up being twice as poor as he was from the start since he will have spent all his Computer Budget money and still need a real BOOLEAN-LOGIC Computer.

    Amazing things that happen once someone goes and puts DIALECTIC LOGIC into practice.

    Oh well, I guess that is what happens when we don't follow REAL LOGIC .

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    You mean after you call this guy those ugly names, you got the nerve to ask GOD to fill all those empty places in his heart? Wow, that's mighty Christian of you, Jibaro!

    I knew a guy who acted just like that. He was good with his name-calling. He even added some cussing to make it sound more exciting, and at the same time praising the Lord and preaching away.

    Will people actually listen to the Word of God, when there are so many so-called Christians treating others in this manner? I don't think so! Why? Because of rude behavior on the side of the Christians. I'm sure that God is not please.


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      Dear Alcapurria Amargada:

      JESUS said: "PRAY FOR YOUR ENEMIES." So I pray for Eddie to be healed and SAVED. Hey, I love the goon too .

      I also pray for you too, to get healed from your cancer. And more important than to get 20 more years of health, I ask also that JESUS will SAVE you so that you may have


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        Re: Dear Alcapurria Amargada:

        Originally posted by El_Jibaro
        JESUS said: "PRAY FOR YOUR ENEMIES." So I pray for Eddie to be healed and SAVED. Hey, I love the goon too .

        I also pray for you too, to get healed from your cancer. And more important than to get 20 more years of health, I ask also that JESUS will SAVE you so that you may have
        • ETERNAL LIFE
        Suki: Tita we have a total Satan on our hands. He loves to judge people and mentions their illness and their mortality while at the same time insulting them and then saying how morally superior he is by having JESUS on his side. Jesus is not on his side, SATAN is. And as far as him praying for anyone, with his hipocrisy and lack of sincerity, smugness and simplistic on-off switch computer chip analysis of human life....I am not surprised his simple brain can't grasp concepts as abstract as compassion and humility and fellowship with all. He is so lost to himself, has betrayed so deeply his own religion and bankrupted his own spirituality to the point where he defends Capitalism and materialism so much, that he fails to see that his Master (who is Satan), but who he believes is really Jesus the Beautiful and Enlightened One never dedicated one minute to business, money making, profit or conservatism (Jesus came to CHANGE the world not to preserve the Status Quo, that means he was not a Conservative by any means), or defending private property of the rich (I don't know why the Lucifer Jibaro man does either, since he is not part of the rich and elite either, but he sure defends their interests like he was, like a good Satan worshiper that he is). Mr. Hypocrite Jibaro fails to understand that Jesus was about unconditional love, no overattachment to mundane property and material riches (after all that is what Satan offered him if he only betrayed God all the treasures and riches and power of all the Kings and Jesus turned down the Satan offer because he knew God's path is not about profit margin and materialism like Jibaro SATAN man thinks life is all about), Jesus is all about complete and utter service to the poor, the sinful, the ignorant, the least powerful, and the people who wanted to serve and love God and their fellow mortal humans, selflessly. That is definitely not the capitalists, or the money makers, yet Mr. Satan Jibaro dedicates himself to defending the most mundane, golden calf-worshipping, warmongering people on the planet. He does not post lovely scripture from the bible and says lovely encouraging messages of love and hope during these scary and trying times....instead he rejoices in war, and the possibility of killing people. Innocent people dying is not something to rejoice, even guilty and sinful people dying is not something to rejoice in, like he does all day long. He betrays the founding principles of Christianity...the love of peace, forgiveness, and selfless service....leave all material things and follow him....what does that mean? It means if Jibaro had any true and sincere belief in God and Jesus he would give up all his worldly possessions and dedicate himself to doing only good works. He would not lie. Like he has deliberately lied on this forum, he would be loving to all, and encouraging to all. In fact all his behavior is Satanic and as such, he is also the perfect example of the false prophet. And in that he also is the example of Lucifer's child all the way. Repent now Jibaro and save yourself before you die and have to face the lovely face of Jesus and be forced to live every lie you have told, every beating you have given in anger, every resentment and hateful feeling you have harbored for those not in agreement with such tiny things as politics and ideology. For not through words should people be judged, but through actions. Has the Satan Jibaro actions been that of a true Christian? Let people who are Christians and sincere ones be the judge and jury for this Lucifer follower. They will take care of business. Jesus will show you the error of your ways Jibaro. I have no doubts he will....and remember for every bad action there is an equal reaction and consequence. That is the law of God, the bible and all people of good conscience, and as such, if you constantly sin and repent, sin and repent, for perpetuity and never really change are not fooling Jesus or any human person either. You are only fooling yourself.

        Tita he does not only give real and sincere and beautiful Christians a bad name, he is a forum fool and behaves in many Satanic ways.

        The Lucifer Jibaro man, can't apologize with 100% sincerity he is incapable of it. His foolish pride, and his vanity and insecurity don't allow for sincere contrition, if he was a true Christian he would apologize to all the people he has judged harshly and mistreated and lied about on this forum. He won't. WHY? Because he is a follower of Lucifer. Not Jesus. Lucifer is full of sinful pride, vanity and insecurity. And all he sees is Enemies, not human beings. Lucifer sees all as enemies especially those who are of the same ethnic group. There is too much of Satan's qualities in the man to feel sorry for his shortcomings. Only God and Jesus Christ can save this lost Satan Lucifer worshipper.

        [Edited by Suki on 10th March 2003 at 05:40]


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          Suki, I agree

          He is a big hypocrite. Seems like he can't never say anything nice about anyone, especially when their religion is differenet from his. I've seen him on these boards downing Muslims, Catholics, Jehovah's Witnesses and other religions that happens to disagree with his. When I disagree with some of his opinions, he calls me a Marxist. The guy doesn't know me from Adam, but yet, he continues to judge me and everyone else.

          I am so sorry about your mom's illness. He ought to be ashamed of himself for making fun of her. That is so cruel and so unchristian. How can a person who claims to serve God have the audacity to say such inhumane comments about a person's illness. Doesn't he know that God is not pleased with this? If he was a real man, he would sincerely apoligize to you. Please take care of you and your mom. I wish you both well.


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            Dialectic Logic Rescued from the Insane Maitreya

            The Maitreya Apostate said:

            "When THESIS is added to ANTI-THESIS, the resulting statement is SYNTHESIS.
            When THESIS is added to THESIS, the resulting statement is SYNTHESIS.
            When ANTI-THESIS is added to ANTI-THESIS, the resulting statement is SYNTHESIS."

            Just a bit of correction about what the demented Maitreya said. First, when a thesis is equated with an anti-thesis, the logical classification of that form is an anti-thesis in its unity, and, such a unity is a synthesis. Second, when a thesis is equated with a thesis, the logical classification of that form is a tautology, and is not a synthesis. And finally when an anti-thesis is equated with an anti-thesis, the logical classification of that form is also a tautology, and is not a synthesis also.

            The Maitreya Antichrist has a brain that is all effed'-up.

            Soy Puertorrique/no y Punto; e Realista Social.
            E.1: TWO STEPS FORWARD, ONE STEP BACK - V.I. Lenin


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              Uncle Lizzard's DIALECTIC COMPUTER...

              The Binary System on which it is based is simple:

              Take a TRUE Statement THESIS, ADD to it a FALSE Statement ANTITHESIS, and Produce a Statement SYNTHESIS.

              Wow, so the Outcome will always be a FALLACY.

              Oh well, at least the COMMISSARIAT will make money selling it to loyal Leftist kids out in Capitalist Countries.

              In Socialist countries the COMMISSARIAT uses PC clones from American companies it borrows freely from. The Masses use their ten fingers and in some places an abbacus.


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                You are truly a pathetic figure, still giving Bairoa such a bad undeserved name!!