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    Originally posted by Suki
    Ed it is late. Let me just say your post was highly informative and interesting. And no it is not a rehash just a different light on what you said in 2001.

    I still have some clarifying questions on Kant. I will ask those later on. I don't leave for Mexico for another week and a half. But, I am not going to bother you with personalisms anymore. I just want to write to you about things we both can write about and learn.

    I hope everything turns out ok too....Thanks for your good wishes.

    What is freedom for me? It is simple. And you know me well enough now to know it.


    Just returned from reading some of your posts on the other forums, and the one about your "curiosity" about where I visited in Mexico. In fact, I got the impression that you were taken aback by that. I don't make things up. Going way back to the 1930's, after my tour of duty with the Brigade, such as it was, I met quite a few comrades among the Espanoles, as you ought to accept as feasible.

    And yes later, on a trip to the Soviet Union, I got introduced to Ramon Mercader, the Spanish Commie, who had participated in the Civil War, and moved on to Russia, establishing residency there. He was NKVD by that time, later to become the KGB. And held the rank of a Colonel, as is usual with high profile agents. Moreover, I was still a youngster compared to him, and he was most cordial about my participation in the Civil War.

    Mercader, as you may already know, was recruited later to end the International Crisis caused in the Comintern by Trotsky. And he did as you also probably know. Now, seeing as how I really did not want to return to the U.S., after having known starvation there twice during the Great Depression, the NKVD asked me if I would like to accompany Merceder to Mexico, like a younger brother sort of. I guess it suited their purpose to disguise his mission by having a youngster with him. Since I had never been to Mexico, and had heard about it as being a former Spanish colony, like Puerto Rico, I accepted the all expenses paid trip, and on we went to Helsinki Station in Finland, there to catch a vessel to the New World. BTW, you mentioned that Comrade Jaakko is now in Finland. His home communist party is the British Communist Party in which his speciality is Trade Union stuff, like recruiting and organizing the workers of England. It is not a stretch to understand that he visits other countries with similar Labor Issues, and the Finnish Communist Party probably invited him to visit and work with them for a while. I am optimistic that answered your unusual remark about Jaakko being in Finland. And gave me a clue that you have been reading there, more than you admit. But that's okay.

    Back to the issue of Mexico. Of course, I visited the capitol there, and other parts of Mexico, even Alcapulco and Puerto Vallarda etc....saw the Aztec temples, and all the other tourist delights so highley touted now-a-days, But in those days, they were not what they are today. They were largely undeveloped, no real luxuries at all. Just beautiful natural scenary mostly. I did much investigating of the Mexicans, speaking with them and evaluating them, but the most important Mexican I met was in the home of Diego Rivera, the great muralist painter. If you don't know, he was an Orthodox Communist even then, like Picasso was, too. His wife Freda was something else again, a great exotic beauty and very intelligent who supported her husband in everything.

    As destiny would have it, it was to Diego's home that Trotsky was given residence after he was forced into exile by Comrade Stalin. Are you getting the picture? Mercader showing up there with me tagging along, not knowing what his mission was. Well Rivera sat down with him and after the usual comraderly discussions about the crises in the Comintern, he revealed the problem he was having with Trotsky who was trying to seduce his wife Freda. Rivera was very sad, and even through his brown complexion, I could detect a hint of pallor that was unusual, like a man under intense pressure that caused his blood to go to the center or core of his body.

    Well, you read history and already know what Mercader did. He completed his mission and ended Trotsky's life. Need I say more. Yes, I ought to say that later when we headed out for other parts of Mexico, with the intention of making connections 'rumbo' the Soviet Union, we were intercepted by the Mexican Federal Police who had received a tip from guess who, I am loathe to say it, but Rivera did not want to be involved and had shown his great distaste for bloody violence being committed in his home. Yeah, yeah...he was Mexican and privileged and they believed him and left him out of it all. But Mercader and my poor self were incacerated in one of the filthest Mexican federal prisons you can imagine.

    My first, dislike of Mexican ways, was sine die! However, some how, some way, they found out about me having nominal American citizenship; they didn't find out ever I was Puerto Rican, and given my youth I was immediately released without any charges being brought. Diego Rivera knew I had American citizenship, and I like to believe, it was he who got me out of that hell-hole prison. But you know the rest of the story, or at least should and know that Ramon Mercader was given a life sentence, and after many, many years, the Mexicans finally gave him a parole with the previso that he leave Mexico as an Undesireable Persona non Grata, and the Soviet Union affirmed their willingness to provide him transportation back to the Soviet Union. And he lived there for the rest of his days. After all, he was still a Colonel in the KGB in good standing with the Communist World.

    There are other negative experiences that I had in Mexico, nothing positive really ever happened, too bad, but nothing can compare with what I have written above. It was the worst of the worst experiences I ever had with the Mejicanos. Punto y se Acabo!

    P.S., the reason that I thought you were leaving for Mexico in three days was because you posted on the Board that your Mama should be at your home by March the seventh at the latest. So what else was I to think about your itinery?

    Good luck, nevertheless!


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      What a revelation this last post is for me. I don't know what to tell you Eddie. Ay Eddie, no matter what happened to you....and that experience in a Mexican prison must have been horrible. You were a young man. In the 1930's? Have you been to Mexico on a visit since then? Well, I don't want to be a metiche. But I am so glad you told me your reasons dearest Eddie.

      Yes, I was aware Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo were members of the Communist party. Both controversial members. Yes, rumors of Trotsky having an affair with Kahlo. But Mr. Diego Rivera was a notorious womanizer as well. That marriage was complicated to say the least. Both were enormous talents in the art they produced.

      You know Eddie, your life is full of so much struggle. I don't know why but all I want to do when I read some of your protect you somehow. That is stupid isn't it? To have feelings of that nature for someone a lot older and a lot stronger and more experienced than one is. But I do. I just want to protect you and take any bitterness or bad memories away. And take away any pain or discomfort.

      Forgive me for being that way if you don't like it. I don't want to make you uncomfortable. I wish you could be on the train with us "Copper Canyon Railroad Journey" from Chihuahua City to Los Mochis. The note to mama, she knows some interesting folks in Chihuahua, an archaeologist among others...we are going to get together....for some fun things. All of us. Not just for the adoption beaurocracy. It is a secret. Lol. It is. God, how I wish I could really talk to you in private. But this is it.

      Meanwhile, take care of yourself Eddie. You are irreplaceable and inimitable. And your absence from this board will dim my enthusiasm for about 95% percent.

      Your anecdote made me so was a little piece of you. Thanks.



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        I got a chance to think more on your post Eddie. I am thinking it was wrong for the Comintern to NOT tell you what the purpose of your trip to Mexico was with Ramon. They should have told you. That they did not and you were left in that anxiety ridden state makes me think, it is very logical for you not to trust anybody in general.

        That you remain loyal and faithful to your ideology and philosophy just lets me know just how fine a personal character you have. Murder is something so incredibly horrific and way too heavy a burden for a young man to be dealing with. Eddie, I don't know how the hell you cope psychologically with all the crap life has dealt you over the years. I have bits and pieces of a puzzle of a life you have told me over three years. I can piece them together, journalism style and come up with a complete picture with holes...but, I would never ever do that without your permission. Te respeto demasiado. I have come to really respect your need for being private in general. Why do I sincerely like such incredibly complex individuals I will never know. But I do.

        But, all of us have beautiful moments in this life as well. I remember you stating a few of them. Hold on to those beautiful moments, Eddie. For even though I don't know you in a traditional sense. Only in the fantasy of and your way of thought has touched my emotions deeply. I don't know why you in particular. I think it is because you were so understanding about how I felt about my father initially. And also because you are an articulate, erudite man with such a dynamic mind. And because you have read a lot of my written posts over the years. Why you still a bit of a mystery to me. But I appreciate it so much. Eddie, one more thing before I go to bed next to the most wonderful man in the world....mi esposo write such great stories too....I will always consider you an artist. Even though you might not agree with that. And I do believe you. I always have. And I accept you the way you are. Imperfections, flaws and all. All people come with baggage. The ones worth time and effort come with heavy baggage. But Eddie, whatever problems and differences that might arise in this online acquaintanceship between you and I....I will always consider you worth all the trouble, tears, pain and problems worth the price to also have the privelege of reading your honest thoughts and having your attention and being your 'student'. You are worth it all. Y que riqueza tienes incomparable Eddie....vale todo y mas para tener el privilegio de leer tus pensamientos.

        Con muchisimo respeto,



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          "I got a chance to think more on your post Eddie. I am thinking it was wrong for the Comintern to NOT tell you what the purpose of your trip to Mexico was with Ramon. They should have told you. That they did not and you were left in that anxiety ridden state makes me think, it is very logical for you not to trust anybody in general."

          Well first of all at that time I was a student of communism, and practically no more than a "gatekeeper" at the door of Knowledge, so I take the "tickets", but did not need to know what the strategy or tactics were about the game that was occurring. I understand all of that. So I find absolutely no fault with the NKVD for that, nor was I pumped up by their saying to me that I was the youngest Colonel in the NKVD ever commissioned. So I did know it had to be a mission of some sort, but never in a million years suspected that it would involve the destruction of Trotsky, who with his writings and actions was actually trying to split the Comintern asunder. And for that alone he deserved what he got.

          Next, so you see me as a very complex guy; well, alright, but take note that for communism things are not simple; officially they have always proved to be complicated and protracted. What more protracted than here on this forum, we are discussing the incident which took place cerca three quarters of a century ago?

          BTW, how is your husband? Don't worry, on this forum there are so few posters, and most come burdened with such questions and clouded issues that they will never pay attention to you speaking about your family here. It is at least a semi-private location where you can compart in "privacy" such data. Forget about Stan and the Maitreya False Profeta el Jibaro (I just loved the way Miranda destroyed him) they are already informed as to your family issues. The former takes a medical position as he should since he is into doing scans, and the latter is simply off the wall as a religionist and slanderer.

          Oops, a thought just prompted me to ask about who will take care of Borges your dog when you go on the trip to Mexico. He is such a wonderful part of your family, isn't he?
          E.1: TWO STEPS FORWARD, ONE STEP BACK - V.I. Lenin


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            First off I have said before. Los communistas are very fortunate to have you in their ranks. And you are fortunate also to have them. That historical period was full of so much struggle. And the world has gained because of people of valor with the ability to sacrifice for their sincere convictions.

            Now, moving on to some surprising personal questions from you. My husband is actually doing well. He is losing weight and doing a lot of exercise (so am I). One has to be in shape to be a parent. There is something that worries me. But, as long as he is fine. I am fine. Letty likes my husband (and his boricua voice), right now he is Chinese school with a Chinese teacher from Beijing. His Mandarin improves everyday. And Xiao Ling laughs at his pronunciation...she can't say GRACIAS to save her life. The 'r' gets her everytime. Lol. She gave Hector the loveliest chopsticks to eat with I have ever seen. Delicately handpainted. She dresses in the most elegant traditional Chinese clothes, and cooks him the best tasting Chinese dumplings I have ever eaten. He is quite overwhelmed with enthusiasm every time she comes over to teach him new words and to scold him when he writes the characters incorrectly or out of the correct order. Smile. He is filled with goals and dreams Eddie. They are really good ones. When we reach them....I think I will be quite satisfied with our lives in every way.

            Borges, cries like a banshee or like someone is beating him badly every time we leave even to go grocery shopping and don't take him along. You see Eddie, we have had the dog since he was three months of age. He was born in Kansas, but transported to Colorado at 2 weeks old along with his littermates and his mother Snow White. He comes from a long line of Championship Old English Sheepdogs. He grew up for eight weeks on a huge, beautiful log cabin mansion with rolling hills, melted snow peak filled creeks and pines and oaks.....he was the children's favorite and was held back because of it from being sold at 8 weeks old. He was the last of his litter and was awkward looking and all legs and adolescent like at 3 months. Borges weighs 95 pounds now. All muscle and big even for his breed. He has dark brown eyes ringed by black, his nose is completely black. His head is snow white completely white like his ears ( I am going to see if I can post his puppy studio photo in some forum one day so you can admire him too Eddie), and his coat is a pretty gray with a white ring near his rear. One time last year he had four red furrows made from a cat, on his nose (a cat had scratched his perfect black nose) and he came in moaning in pain...the big baby.
            Since HL works from home and his other jobs allowed him to take the Borges Ajedrez (that is his official name), with him, he has never really been alone. He stayed with us at Yautia's house on thanksgiving. He stays everywhere. I bathe him at a doggie laundormat a lot. To save money. At the doggy mat they charge $10 a wash, while the groomer for a bath and brush out of his long abundant spectacular hair costs from $40-$80 bucks a pop. I don't pay that for my hair....imaginate. BORGES HAS A WAITING LIST of people dying to dogsit for us Eddie. He does. He won best overall dog in the Puppy competition of obedience at Petsmart. And best trick learner for adults.He got free studio photos taken because of his 'blue ribbon wins'. Lol. He came out in an ad here for dog food. The animal is gorgeous, simpatico, super affectionate and well behaved and if I told you what he does---you would laugh and not believe me. Lol. HL worries about him and babies him endlessly. But the few times people have even spoken to HL roughly Borges really gets protective and HL can't wrestle or horseplay with his teen godsons because Borges will go after anyone who he thinks might hurt or even raise their voice at HL. But he is a gentle dog and is non-agressive towards other dogs and babies especially he is really gentle and mannerly with. HL bought him the funniest accesories a couple of years ago. Borges cracked the pads of his feet on some icy mountain trails and his pads bled....HL was concerned and now he puts these wrap around leather bottomed snow shoes on Borges' foot paw pads. And puts on this little ski like jacket on him to keep the frozen snow balls from sticking to the bottom of his long stomach hair and giving him chills. That is how I know HL will be a considerate father in every way. He worries about all those people and animals he loves the same way. With consideration and attention. It is wonderful to see. But, I think Borges does not like having his feet wrapped for his safety...he likes the risk in running through the deep powder snow for the sake of feeling free. I kinda like letting him take the

            Miguel asked 10 times to be the first to take care of him while we are gone. Then Adrian can have him for any other vacations or leaves of absence we have. Laura loves him too, but she has four cats....the worst is a black one called "Armando" and he does not like Borges at all. He likes a tortoiseshell longhaired beauty girl cat named "morena" also Laura's cat. Then there are many other folks who all want to dogsit him. He has fanaticada. Lol. is sad to accept one is less popular than one's pet. How did I know Borges was our dog. Well, when HL and I were novios in Puerto Rico---we went to a cheap movie theater and talked about the kind of things we wanted to do with our lives. At the end of the movie called "F/X" there is a scene of some guy exiting a Swiss bank with a pair of dogs I think.....HL thought them beyond beautiful but did not know what breed they were....he asked me and I said, "Si son bellisimos, son 'Old English Sheepdogs' o perros ovejeros ingleses." No son buenos para el tropico...and then he said, "me gustaria tener uno de esos algun dia. Son caros? and I said, 'si'. Well Borges we got inexpensively since he was bigger than the other fluffball pups. And Borges and I have the same birthday. Just different years of course. And we found him on HL's birthday. And that was his wish too. He was destined for us.

            Thanks for asking about him Eddie. I hope I did not bore you with it. Lol. Muchos saludos.


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              I guess you are just making fun of my posts about my dog and my husband....and think me some silly person again. What a fool I have been to think you were sincerely interested in my life. All human life has value Eddie. In some way. I am sure you know that. I might not have been a great Communist colonel with the Flying Tigers. Or a great and brilliant revolutionary and fought on the intrepid...and been a man who had to kill mad dogs in third world countries....or an adventurous and bright man like you. I have not gone through the Great Depression and seen what you have seen. Witnessed the things you have witnessed. Made the tough choices in life you have made. But, I have no doubts that my life has meaning. Important meaning. And that I belong where I am now in life. Eddie, I hope you have plenty of health...and all the good things in life to keep your struggle and your ways strong. Take care.

              You just ignore my frilly writing Eddie. I am a sincere socialist. And a sincere independentista. And a sincere fan of your posts. If that is something to scoff at and be judgemental about, aint nothing more to say.

              Well, I got a lot of work to do tomorrow. Take care of yourself Eddie in the East Coast. Don't let the achaques or stuff keep you from resting fitfully. Ay Eddie. Siempre voy a ver como te va...y si estas bien. Eres parte de este website no? Buenas noches.


              Cuidate---hombre complejo. Pero, ha sido un privilegio este domingo.