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Why do people lie?

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  • Why do people lie?

    To my brothers and sisters,

    When I was coming up, there were two things my parents did not tolerate. One, lying and two, stealing. Any instance, that I or my brothers would lie or steal we got the worst beating ever imaginable. I guess my parents beat lying and stealing out of me. Nonetheless, as I pursue my ministry in Islam, I have come across a question that is very relevant to our self-development. That is why do we lie? What do we benefit when we lie? I have had male associates, (I really don't want to call them friends), who would be married or engaged. They would go and cheat on their women. And the evidence would be plain as day. Hickies, lip stick, staying out all night. Even with all these pieces of evidence, they still managed to lie. I have noticed when people lie their voice changes, their eyes can't stay straight, and their noses and ears get red. I can spot a liar a mile away. Even their body language changes. So, why do we lie? Is it fear of something? In both the Qur'an and the Bible it says to fear God and fear God alone. So, if we lie out of fear of something or someone, aren't we committing idolatry? Aren't we fearing something else besides God like we should be fearing God? I am not saying that I am perfect. Because when I do something dumb and don't want to get embarrassed, I hesitate before telling the truth. But, when I tell the truth, its like 'Ok you messed up' and that's it. Don't you notice things are a lot easier when you tell the truth. When I lie, it sticks to me and has a tendency to come back on me. Someone will ask you something that you lied about and you can't remember the lie then you look stupid. Doesn't it seem that when you lie, you have to make up another lie to cover the lie that you have already told. I have seen people fired over lying at jobs that I have worked. I think that there are more consequences when you lie than telling the truth. What do you think? Is it worth it to lie in any situation? If a salesperson calls you or approaches you, why lie? Why not say, 'Hey man, I am broke, I can't buy nothing, not even air if it was free.' When I was in sales, I got lied to more by customers than in any other instance. If people just didn't want to buy the product I would have went on with a 'no'. Instead, 'I am still shopping.' or 'I have to go home and think about it.' What do you have to think about when you buy something? Just let me know your thoughts, my next subject will be on stealing. I can't stand a thief either.

    your brother and servant,

    Hector Falu'-Muhammad

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    Read Romans...

    Read Romans 7:1-25 you will understand why.