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  • Opening the door on voidness of identity,
    Clear awareness floods everywhere,
    And though everywhere, nowhere is an identity found.

    -Milarepa, "Drinking the Mountain Stream"

    The Buddha said: 'If outsiders speak against me, the Teaching or the Order, you should not be angry for that would prevent your own self-conquest. Similarly if they praise us. But you should find out what is false or true, and acknowledge the fact. And even in praise it is only of trifling matters that an unconverted man might speak of me.'

    -Digha Nikaya

    From craving is born grief,
    from craving is born fear.
    For one freed from craving
    there's no grief
    —so how fear?

    -Dhammapada 216, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

    If you concentrate, enter trance, and sit in meditation, focusing on an objective, setting your mind on awareness and contemplation, practicing the way like a mechanical mannequin, when will you ever arrive at the goal?


    [i]Subhuti asked: "If one wants to know emptiness, how should one do it?"

    "The one who wants to realize emptiness should adore reality, develop a skill in living in the world, and cultivate friends of the same mind. Skill can only be developed in the presence of reality, not otherwise. Endowed with skill, the person gives without the idea of a giver and lives in the realization that all the factors of existence have no ultimate substance."



    • Hey guys

      I have been practicing Vipasanna Meditation theory from quite sometime. It is completely self-realizing, spritual arwareness and steps to nirvana. I respect all the teachings.

      Thanks for letting me share and thanks for the facts on buddism.. This world need buddism...



      • NOT iGNORED

        Hey bro! Just want you to know that I started reading your Buddhist posts today for the first time. I find them interesting. They have not gone ignored. Thank you!