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A fashion religion.

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  • A fashion religion.

    Are you uninterested in Buddhism? Do you meditate and burn incense? Do you think that all that stuff is just a fashion thing for Europeans Americans and other people who were not born in Asian countries?
    I guess the most of you here is CatholicsÖÖ.. so from your point of view do you think that Buddhism and Hinduism are the reasonable religions?
    I can tell you that I think itís all about the fashion especially when we are talking about the famous people. This is the fashion which was brought by the movie and pop stars and which now became the fashion of the common people. Itís not reasonable with all that lives after live. It is said in the Buddhism says that you can be born again as a potato and people will eat you. Ainít it funny?
    You know I read the poems of one of the Dalai Lama, that was translated into Spanish and I liked them. I talk about the 6th Dalai Lama and I donít remember his name. He was a special one, he had a lover and in his poems he said that the love is above everything in this world, even above the Great Buddha.

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    To your other thread where I wrote my corrections on your buddhism ASSUMPTIONS.

    Click here: TRUE Buddhism