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The Policy of Satan

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  • The Policy of Satan

    It has been the policy of Satan, since creation, to destroy the plan of God with men.
    First he murders our first parents with a FAT lie, "ye will be like gods, knowing good and evil." "Ye are not going to die."
    And because of this, Adam, the head, plunged the entire human race into aggravated temptation.
    As you all well know and see around you, the terrible things that are taking place under the sun, the countless murders, rapes, incest, kidnappings, the great hatred for each other that is in great epic proportions, in USA and around the world, the destruction of family values, created by the homosexual camp, The sexual perversion that is on the rise, and terrorists, tyrants, dictators and the like, are the products of that stupid decision made by Adam. So, let us all stop blaming God for all of these atrocities created by our own doings. Let us stop blaming God everytime something happens wrong. We are pointing many fingers. It's time we begin pointing the other way. Point towards oneself. God have mercy.