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  • It's worth it!

    I don;t know if there is any Apostolics in the group, but me being one is pretty hard. Being a pastors daughter isn't a walk through a park with nice flowers around you, you have to struggle being a good example to your chruch and learn to say no to things from the world. I know many people look at us Christians very differently especially us teenagers who we get temtations everyday, may may also be laughed at just because we are "halleuyahs", but what they don't know is that we hold something so special that they don't have which is the holy spirit from God and our salvation which will set us free when this world ends someday and if those people from the world don't repent they will not with us in glory only to the gates of hell.We should feel very previlaged to be sond and daughters to a mighty king and be the choosen generation. Jesus Christ LOVES us all and doesn't want us to perish into the pits of fire(Im sorry if Im writing a lot of hell in my passage but its the truth).What I am trying to say that, don't your back from God just for a little fun in this world filled with hatered and LIES.So hold on tight to the hand of God he will be your bestfriend and guidence, he will always be their when you need him.He promised us he'll never leave us.Be strong in the walk with God, No desmaies en el camino de Dios, VALE LA PENA! God Bless You

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    amen! very well said babygirl, and may the Lord always be with guiding your paths!


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      AMEN!!!! you go girl!