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Looking for Puerto Rico representative for my business team!

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  • Looking for Puerto Rico representative for my business team!

    Hello Puerto Rican,

    Introduction (quote by Robert Kiyosaki , author of rich dad poor dad)
    “One of the reason i consider a direct selling business is the perfect business is very simple because the company would work with you to get the business skills that make you rich. ALWAYS remember that is not money that make you rich is the business skills and that’s why is a perfect business that let you take as long as you like to get the skills to get the money. And that’s a lifetime skill thing. The other part is the low start up cost, where else can you get in for a 500 to 800 dollars and get these skills? Today i will never go back and get a job , why should I? I rather build companies and pay less tax and make more money. Years ago i decided not to follow the corporate ladder simply because my poor dad say get go to school, get a high paying job .But my rich dad says why would you work so hard at something you never OWNED? You cant sell the job you cant pass on to your kids. Another reason is you don’t have much control in the corporate ladder world. For example, you could get fired anytime or if another company buys your company even you are a good employee , you will still get fired. Personally i rather be in a team where i can count on them and they can count on me.”'

    Introduction to this team
    Basically, we are personal distributors of MonaVie. But our purpose is very simple, to build this network huge and make it internationally by helping each other to achieve our goals. No one will be left out and support will be there online 24/7 as our team is growing. As you can see no matter how well this company is , the question that come to our mind is . How are we going to earn money? Our purpose is not focusing on selling bottles but building a huge strong and teamwork "network"

    Facts about MonaVie
    1) Introduced in January 2005, MonaVie is sold in the United States (and all its territories), Brazil, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Israel, and Mexico. We are rapidly expanding to other markets around the world as we build a truly global brand.
    2) Products feature an exclusive blend of the powerful açai berry, found only in remote regions of the Amazon. MonaVie is designed to provide you with the antioxidants and phytonutrients you need to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.
    3) Achieved US$2 Billion in cumulated sales in 5 years. Record breaking in the network marketing industry
    4) #1 Tahitian Noni distributor joined MonaVie in Jan 09, with 10,000 distributors enrolled in the first 90 days
    5) A long-time leader brought 31,000 Amway distributors to MonaVie. The group grew to over 200,000 strong now
    6) Founding Agel distributor joined MonaVie in October 2008. Later appointed as International Distributor Ambassador to train and support distributors worldwide.
    7) Dallin Larsen, Founder, Chairman & CEO of MonaVie was named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.
    8) MonaVie hits Inc. 500 – No. 1 in food & beverage, No. 3 in total revenue and No. 18 in overall 500 list.
    9) 19 fruits from around the world including acai berry

    Who will be the first one?
    Here is the opportunity we are giving you the chance to lead a team in Puerto Rico, if you are really interested in this just leave me a message and we can talk about this.Do not waste this opportunity, Financial and time freedom is here, what are you waiting for? Join our team and will will guide you to the fastest way to succeed!
    Just pm me , i would not like slackers . I would need people who are determine and consistence. go to to know more about it.

    here are the questions that people tend to ask all the time.

    1)MonaVie is a scam?

    When the owner of a company named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, is impossible to be a scam. If you had no idea what is “Ernst and young” , is one of the biggest accounting firm in us. Google it. Plus with thousands of distributor in Monavie , and is the top 15 mlm companies in the world . The others above it are companies been here since 1980’s and yet monavie have just been in the market for 5 years yet reach 2 billion cumulated sales!

    2)Is a “Pyramid Scheme”?

    A pyramid scheme is when bonuses are paid for recruitment that is not attached to the sale of an actual product. For example, if there is a $100 sign-up fee for new distributors, and $50 of it goes to the sponsor, that is a pyramid scheme. This company's compensation plan does not give any percentage of the distributor fee to any other distributors.

    3) Base on, monavie is a scam?

    The owner of was once a monavie distributor, he fail because he was not consistent and gave up. Just look at his post , look at the comments below it and see how people screw him up. Internet information could be wrong most of the time, get the facts right from the company itself or maybe ask people around that heard of this brand.

    4) A quick rich bull scheme?

    No! never ! is not as simple as you think . It required teamwork and hardwork. Just look at Robert Kiyosaki videos in youtube .

    If I got bankrupt and if I were to start over again, of course, I will do? network marketing."
    - Donald Trump
    "Network marketing is hard, but not having what you want all your life is harder."
    - Robert Kiyosaki

    Instead of searching information on whether the company is a “scam” why not search the benefits of it ? on how it helped many people with their health and wealth?

    Do remember, there are only 4 types of people in this world.
    First, people who are not successful but they want you to be successful
    = Your Parents
    Second, people who are successful but they do not want you to be successful
    = Your Boss
    Third, people who are not successful but do not want you to be successful too
    = Your Friend
    Lastly, people who are successful and wants you to be successful too that would be

    "Pilzer also predicts that the health and wellness industry will be a trillion dollar industry in the next few years and health and wellness MLM opportunities deliver an extraordinary opportunity to create 10 million new millionaires over the next decade."
    now do you see the opportunity?

    for more info visit for more videos and proof

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    is been a week, no respond from anyone?

    YouTube - MonaVie Momentum

    Here is the video you should see by yourself
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