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  • Energy and Future

    The ongoing recession in the world economy has added to the global problems. The investors are now seeking investments which are recession proof. One of the sectors that have remained recession proof is the energy sector. It stands the strongest in the past 150 years with the current energy consumption surpassing 500 exajoules per day. This demand is likely to rise further in the coming 30 years by 40%.

    In this scenario, it has become necessary to shift to other sources of energy as well. Although the traditional source of energy which is the fossil fuels, still remain a dominant source, there is a need for alternate sources as well. Renewable energy is an ideal source of alternate energy, with its unlimited supply and environment friendly attributes. The renewable energy is also cost effective. Even though the cost of setting up a plant may incur high cost but once the plant is set up, it can cover up the initial costs within one or two years.

    world energy holdings was set up to assist the investors in gaining from this sector. It has led to the fulfillment of many productive projects that have added to the returns of the investors. By partnering with leading energy companies on the forefront of technology, it helps the investors to gain maximum returns by investing in the productive and latest projects of these companies. World Energy Holdings is the parent company and governing body of World Energy Research.