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    Interested in financial independence?

    Frustrated by the turmoil in conventional
    financial markets and the demise of
    well-known HYIPS?

    Cherry Shares is a real business making
    real money by engaging in trading
    activities around the world.

    You've found the right place to start!

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    Brooksell Universal Limited

    Cherryshares is Brooksell Universal Limited Company. Registration No. 2164408, issued on 25 August 2008.
    The arena of private investing has always been the area of the extremely rich. A few years ago, our private investment pool has the doors opened to a select few people to invest in terms that we can comprehend. These investments start at $1,000,000. There was no way for the average investor to even dream of using such service. Lately we opened the doors to invest together with like-minded people and pool their funds into the short-term plan, and it worked!
    Our pool is the first step to make a ‘gate’ to the world of financial success for all people, regardless of their social status and income
    Probably we will manage to create an absolutely new approach in investing. It is no secret that many people learned to live without permanent job at all, working only on managing their own capital and multiplying it. We will help you become one of us, and you will be able to enjoy your life and look at this world from another perspective, where there are no financial problems. As with everything else, things do not happen instantaneously, it will all depend on your desire and initial capital. Internet has enabled millions of people not only to provide for themselves, but also to have communication. Our goal is to help you to protect what you already have and amass more. Budget your time like it’s your money, and you will be able to spend your time with the people that you love, not being dependent on anyone.
    We have never invested into businesses connected with illegal activities, and we do not cooperate with financial companies that are somehow connected with such type of income
    Our company was originally aimed at looking for partners with the help of innovative technologies. Among our clients there are those who were one of the first to get accustomed in e-commerce and learn ways to make money there. It was a phone and a Bank that used to connect us, nowadays it is internet. And each user has complete control over their funds. We made our first steps when we started cooperating with different high yield investment funds. And we took most of our clients’ funds and placed them there. We cooperated with many companies, but unfortunately most of them were unsuccessful or were planned ahead to be fraudulent.
    Yes, we had lost money. After bankruptcy of several companies we have paused with our activity. Taking into consideration that it was a long-term cooperation they were happy anyway and eventually stayed in profit.
    After this unpleasant story we have revealed an absolutely new way to generate income. While in the process of covering losses of our clients, our company management decided to take a risk and was able to return lost funds with the help of converting certain currencies. This solution was found in an unusual way of converting a certain currency into another currency at a 1:1 rate. We have thought through this possibility to make money this way for a long time.
    It needs to be stated that it is absolutely legal and does not have any negative side-effects
    Initially we could not predict whether it will be a successful way to make money in view of the present financial crisis. The year 2008 and 2009 has revealed that this way is so successful that we invest most of our funds into this project, having abandoned other areas like Forex, gamble and real estate investing.

    Dane W. Wolf
    Managing Director
    You can now gain immediate access to our system, just click here