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HUGE Business Opportunity for Anyone in Puerto Rico

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  • HUGE Business Opportunity for Anyone in Puerto Rico

    I work with a multilevel marketing (MLM) company focusing on financial wellness, and have a possibly life changing opportunity for those of you located in PR.

    We have just launched as of yesterday in Puerto Rico and I am looking for leaders ready to enjoy an outstanding product and make a lot of money. You will be one of the very first couple of people in PR to work with us, which is a huge opportunity.

    Here are just some of the services and products we provide.
    -Save $100-$300 a month on everyday costs like groceries, gas, your phone bill, eating out, online shopping, free items, etc.
    -Vacation at 70-90% off.
    -Manage money through state of the art Tax and Finance software.
    -World renowned language learning software, ID Theft protection software, free magazine subscriptions, and so much more.

    We have an industry leading compensation plan where with just 3 people you break even and get to enjoy this phenomenal product for free. At just 12 people, you will make $600 a month. From there, you can rapidly make 2500/5000/8000/14000+ a month, especially being on of the first business partners in Puerto Rico (a place that has shown great reception to MLM from my experience).

    Please do not take this as a scam or a get rich quick scheme. We are A rated by the BBB, partnered with the likes of VISA, AT&T, Verizon, have affiliate programs with almost every major retailer there is, etc. This is MLM, a very viable business model that requires work. However, being one of the first in a new area is always an incredibly prosperous opportunity in MLM. This could very well change your life.

    If you are interested or have questions, contact me on here through PM or email me at

    Serious enquiries only.

    Edit: I should also add that you don't have to be in Puerto Rico, if you are located elsewhere and interested, contact me.