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The opportunity of a lifetime! But no Boriquas in site!

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  • The opportunity of a lifetime! But no Boriquas in site!

    This past April 5th, at the behest of an old friend and business associate, I attended the US launch of a new international company in Boston, Ma.
    This company is marketing mobile apps for smart phones and tablets among many other hi-tech products. It is the worlds first mobile multilevel platform, a truly unique concept. The compensation plan is designed to be generous and pay out on a daily basis. At this event there were people from many parts of the world mostly from Latin countries, but only one Puerto Rican That I could see out of over 1,100 attendees, ME! This is an incredible opportunity and I would love to be in the first Puertorican team to penetrate the world market in a really big way.

    This is no joke,
    most of the people there, who had gotten involved pre-launch, in just three months had already made more money that most of us make in a year, and there was no end in sight!

    As a former network marketer I have always dreamed of finding a real ground floor opportunity, but as most of us know those are just words meant to make you work harder before you drop out. Until now! There is just too much to share and typing is not one of my favorite things to do.
    But it would be my privilege to share this chance of a life time with as many Puerto Rican entrepreneurs as possible and help lead them into this truly exciting new world market place, which promises unlimited success no matter how you define it.

    Please follow my link and contact me for more information, the only thing you have to lose is the opportunity of a life time.


    Rafael Dones
    Contact me at Faça parte da revolução do Marketing Multinível Mundial! | Wings Network My Link

    Please also watch the videos linked below *Espanol *English *Joe Celia