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  • Give Wings To Your Dreams, Boriquas!

    Do you want to be Rich or Poor, what makes the difference?

    First of all I would like to thank the many people who have visited my wings link.

    There have been many, but few have gone beyond that point, and with an opportunity such as this, it makes one wonder why. Why would anyone pass up a real chance to change their financial life and that of their family forever?
    The answer is clear. Being rich and being poor are both habits, if you take all the money away from a rich person, give it to a poor person and then watch them, in a very short period of time the rich person will be rich and the poor one will be poor again. Why? Because both conditions are states of mind, the poor person always has his poverty on his mind, talks about it, complains about it and is always in fear of loosing the little that he has. And so takes no chances in life, not trusting himself or anyone else with his future. He lives in fear and believes himself a victim with no options.

    The rich person thinks about improving his and his families situation and is always seeking opportunities to do so. He measures, weighs and investigates each opportunity and never judges them without reviewing all the information first. Sometimes even after he does his due diligence, he fails. But unlike the poor person, he looks for the seed of opportunity in that situation and at the very least, learns from his mistakes. Then finds the next opportunity, and continues to do so until he succeeds. This is the difference, the key to success! There are many levels of success and the good news is that you can choose to stop at whatever level makes you happy. But remember, the sky is the limit and the choice is yours!
    You can choose to change your mind set at any time, and when you do there are always people there to help you. Whether you choose to join my business or not, PLEASE, for yourself and your family JUST CHOOSE! No one will do it for you, and once you have done it your life will never be the same.
    I look forward to working side by side with those of you who are taking action, as we conquer the obstacles in our lives and become international entrepreneurs.

    Rafael Dones

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