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The Republic of Puerto Rico

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  • The Republic of Puerto Rico

    The Republic of Puerto Rico. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? For those out there who would like Puerto Rico to be an independent nation, I applaud you. There are some who believe that because Puerto Rico is a small island with few natural resources, we should continue the status quo of being the colony that we are to a bigger richer nation. It is sad for me to say that they have no confidence in themselves. Puerto Ricans who are hard working and who are not afraid of facing challenges will someday win our freedom. Puerto Rico has human resources who are educated and well trained to govern our island. That is me and you and others like us who will sacrifice whatever it takes to make our voice known throughout this planet of ours.
    In the final analysis, we would be part of a community of nations and share their dreams alongside them as proud citizens of Puerto Rico!

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    Well written!

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