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Limited living Space in PR

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  • Limited living Space in PR

    Amendments proposed for the law that creates ARPE

    Monday, October 7th, 2002.

    Amendments proposed for the law that creates ARPE SAN JUAN (AP) Senate President Antonio Fas Alzamora announced on Monday that he had filed a bill to amend the law that creates Permits and Regulations Administration (known in Spanish as ARPE).

    Fas Alzamora explained the bill is aimed at obliging the agency to verify if there are any restrictions in the property registry, which can limit the use of land on farms or residences.

    Currently, the agency is oblige to grant or deny the use or construction, according to the current regulations, Fas Alzamora said.

    "Aimed at promoting and coordinating an adequate urban development on our island, we think it is prudent to amend the Permits and Regulations Administration to include among its obligations the verification of the existence of restrictions in a urban area or community which can limit its residential use, and to grant permits according to the restrictions imposed, said the Senate president.

    The bill indicates that according the 2000 Census, one fourth of the population of Puerto Rico live in urban centers, and as a consequence face different problems such as limited space and problems expanding residential areas.

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    Too late!

    For many years, ARPE has done a terrible job! For example, there is a regulation that states that no business or store can operate within an Urbanizacion, but you find them anyway. The situation is not having the regulations or laws, its the shortage of manpower and funds to hire new employees to maintain and investigate violations. Also, the attitude by many who work for the government of not pushing too hard to correct problems due to the attitude of "Ay Bendito". And lastly, the Government will grant land use for factories, megastores, and Malls to create jobs and generate funds for hacienda. Its too late for what Faz Alzamora wants to implement.