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  • Boricua Youth are DRUNK

    Study: Number of youth who consume alcohol high

    Thursday, October 24th, 2002.

    (AP) – Alcohol is the substance most used by young people between the ages of 12 and 17, according to numbers of the Mental Health and Services Against Addiction Administration.

    According to the government, 70.3% of the 400,555 young people in primary, intermediate, and secondary public and private schools have consumed alcoholic beverages.

    To rectify this situation, the agency announced Thursday the start of an educational campaign aimed at preventing alcohol use among young people.

    According to agency Assistant Administrator Julia Delgado, one of the factors that most influences the use of alcohol among young people is "the message of permissiveness" received by the parents.

    The campaign, whose theme is "Para pasarla bien, déjala pasar" (To have a good time, let it pass by), was made at a cost of approximately $300 and will be broadcast through television, movie theaters, and educational talks in schools, officials indicated in a press conference in San Juan.

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    and i'm quite sure that studies geared toward the number of driving accidents across the island are directlty proportionate to this particular study...
    sincerely, boricuafrican