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4 more PR military units to be deployed to Iraq

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  • 4 more PR military units to be deployed to Iraq

    4 more Puerto Rican military units to be deployed to Iraq

    Saturday, April 5th, 2003.

    The U.S. Army announced Friday that another four Puerto Rican units have finished their validation process and are ready to leave for the Middle East at any moment.

    Army spokesman in Puerto Rico Jose Pagan identified the four validated units as 311 of Funeral Services, 941 of Oil Products Distribution, 292 of Combat Support, and 394 of Field Services.

    "The notification of the validation has already been sent to the superior command and the order of deployment and transportation for their departure is expected in the next few days," he said in a press release.

    According to Pagan, these four units are added to 755 of Military Police and 346 of Transportation, as well as Battalion 338 of Finances, which are stationed on the Roosevelt Roads Naval Base in Ceiba, waiting for their transfer orders.

    He added that in Camp Santiago in Salinas, over 10 units with a total of 1,800 soldiers previously in the National Guard and Reserve who now belong to the active military are waiting orders.

    As of April 2, 5,060 soldiers of the National Guard and the Reserve in Puerto Rico have been mobilized, the Army said Friday.

    These 5,060 soldiers of 35 units of the National Guard and 26 of the Reserve represent a little over two percent of the total of mobilized troops in all the United States, according to the Army Public Affairs Office in Fort Buchanan.

    According to the Army, figures of the Department of Defense for April 2 reveal that a total of 218,931 soldiers of the National Guard and Reserve from all military services have been mobilized.