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The Magic Kingdom of Puerto Rico??

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  • The Magic Kingdom of Puerto Rico??


    No, no, its not a new status option, but the Magic Kingdom may be a reality in Puerto Rico. “El Ratoncito Miguel” might be moving in. Although the Disney Co. won’t say for sure, the rumors are abundant. The piece of land Mickey and Minnie might be considering is the 8,600 acres plot the Roosevelt Roads Naval Base currently occupies. While legislation to close the base has not yet been finalized, and some wonder whether the base will be closed in six months or by the next round of Base Closing and Realignments scheduled for 2005, the Navy continues to shutdown operations on the base. Pentagon officials stated in April that 2,772 jobs would be cut on the base over the next 18 months, as well as a reduction in military personnel from 2,334 to 399. Furthermore, rental owners around the base are already feeling the effects of base personnel that have been shipped off elsewhere.

    Support for a Borinquen Disney venture has mixed support. The San Juan Star quotes Resident Commissioner Aníbal Acevedo Vilá stating, “I definitely would support it. It’s the kind of idea to explore for the future…If Disney wants to develop the land, it has my full support.” However, more “sovereignty” leaning folks insist the Navy land be turned over to the Puerto Rico government so that an economic development plan most beneficial to the island be designated.