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Hace falta mas informacion sobre la Fiebre Porcina (Swine flu)

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  • Hace falta mas informacion sobre la Fiebre Porcina (Swine flu)

    The media is already hyping the pandemic/end of the world crap, and even when we have to worry about this problem, there is information missing. Yes, we know that more than 150 people have died in Mexico, but where is the denominator to that number of people, like how many were infected? If 1,000 were infected and this many people died, then we have a LOT to worry about, but if 10,000 were infected then the problem is not as dire. Or 100,00, whatever the amount. Some are calling for the closing of the border so this problem will become, if not already, an economic problem, in the event this happens. The virus in the U.S. seems to be less virulent than the one in Mexico, but for how long? Where did the virus originated?
    I hope than in the event that we have a full blown epidemic here in the U.S., the experiences with the flu in the 80's, the Katrina debacle, and the Antrax scare, will have better prepared us to face this new threat. Que Dios nos coja confesaos!!

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    Now the problem seems to be a surplus of vaccines after it was almost impossible to find one and the companies who manufactured the vaccine might be left with millions of units that the government will be unwilling to buy and the price have dropped like lead. The world need for vaccines is still there but who will foot the bill?


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      What would be the next one? Now is the Tiger mosquito, another way to die of a tropical disease right here in the North.( Lyme, West Nile, EEE)