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Oil exploration processes

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  • Oil exploration processes

    Most of us are aware of the value of oil, its increasing demand and the increasing price of oil and gas products. Researchers are in search of new oil fields, as most of the oil companies are finding it very hard to meet the rising demands for oil and gas products. Do you know about the processes that the companies have to do for this?

    It begins when the company obtains license to do exploration on a specific area, can be sea, land, forest or ice, to find out oil resources. If the company finds oil presence the next part of the process starts, where the company makes a detailed picture of the area above and below part with oil.

    For this they can use many methods and one among them is Ariel survey. Here ariel photographs and satellite pictures are used to find out the presence of oil. The other methods include magnetic survey and seismic survey.

    The next part is oil exploration. Here the geophysicists send shock waves to the ground with the help of specially made vibrator trucks. The time taken by the sound waves to reflect is calculated using geophones. Dynamite charges were used instead of vibrator trucks, but were later banned due to environmental reasons.

    The geophone data collected are converted into seismic lines, with the help of computers. Geologists use these data to create 3-D computer models of the rocks below the earth. These details are later given to the geophysicists who can tell a comprehensive idea about the place and the oil resources. The geologist and geophysics work together during the process of oil drilling.

    Drilling is a very expensive task. It helps to know the composition of the rocks and the fluid present in them. This information received is very crucial and helps geophysicists to decide whether to continue the exploration or abandon it.

    More processes follows this and once extraction is done it is again subjected a lot more complex processes before it reaches the end user. So the next time you go to a gas station think about these processes and make a wise us of the product that you buy.

    You can conduct a webs search on Oil News Today, to know more about oil drilling process.