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Vieques seeking independence from Puerto Rico

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  • Vieques seeking independence from Puerto Rico

    The largest Island of the archipelago of Puerto Rico has begun massing up signatures for a petition to Congress to separate it from Puerto Rico. Although this petition appears to be from locals, it also might be pushed by the growing presence of mainlanders going there to exploit its tourist potential.

    Some residents also think that independence from the larger island will bring back the Navy, to continue its bombing but bringing in needed $$$$$$.

    There was something brewing when Vieques was being sold as a "Spanish Virgin Island". Will Culebra follow?

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    Looking at this from waaay outside, it seems like this agenda is being pushed by people who are taking action from the heart, not from the mind.

    Maybe I'm missing something, but, on the surface, I don't see this as being good for the whole of Puerto Rico or Vieques as an entity. Less even, I do not see this agenda gaining traction anywhere be it the US Congress or the main island of Puerto Rico.

    Still, thanks for bringing this news to the fore. Here's a link to the article:

    Viequenses buscan independizarse de Puerto Rico - El Nuevo Día


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      I saw this coming a long time ago. I'm sure it won't gain traction in Congress, they can't even get their act together passing legislation. However Vieques for some time now has been renamed The Spanish Virgin Island, something I found suspicious when I first heard it. As the island got filled up with American mainlanders looking to make a buck on tourist ventures, the local Puerto Ricans population was relegated to food stamps and welfare of all sorts.

      Those who control the economy will make the decisions in the long run. Because Puerto Ricans are so intoxicated with hand outs I wouldn't be surprised if this movement is fueled by these new comers and using the Puerto Ricans as a front.

      These expats know that the San Juan political establishment is riddled with incompetence and corrupt politicians, so why not seek separation and develop the island as they see fit. Now bringing back the Navy is really idiotic, who wants to be exposed to cancer bombings? But when you depend on welfare who cares.


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        During World War 2, the allies took for granted that Hitler would attack England and then Pres. Roosevelt proposed the island of Vieques as the place to locate the English Royalty and the rest of the war machine once Hitler invaded their country. It never happened and it became a shooting gallery with the U.A. making millions renting it to anybody who could pay to shoot. Now their biggest problem is cleaning up decades of crap left behind by those shooters, like uranium, and other really bad stuff. If they become independent, where the hell are they getting the $ to do this? Their objective should be the cleaning up of this mess not entertaining these pendejo dreams of independence. This stuff is already negatively affecting the health of the islanders and more horrors stories are uncovered everyday as more and more deadly contaminants are found in their vicinity. Another huge problem is that Vieques and Culebra have become the main portal for drugs coming from S.A., their murder rate have skyrocketed and the tourists are getting scared of the Narcotráfico. Maybe they think they can become another Colorado and legalize the trade and make some $ at it, but I doubt it.