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Sharpton is not Puerto Rican

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  • Sharpton is not Puerto Rican

    I don't see why some Muslim from the Middle East has to stick his Middle Eastern Propaganda in the middle of Puerto Rican Current Events. Perhaps Sharpton is somehow tied to Osama Bin Leiden...

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    With all due respect.

    My brother,
    With all due respect I am not from the Middle East. I am from Santurce, Puerto Rico. Don't believe the hype, Osama Bin Laden doesn't impose sanctions that have killed nearly 1 million Iraqi children by way of starvation and malnutrition. So what if Al Sharpton is not Puerto Rican, name me one Puerto Rican who is going to sacrifice for the sake of Puerto Rican human rights like Al Sharpton has. You are absolutely right, he is not Puerto Rican, where are Puerto Rican figures to stand up for us. Why is he standing up and not Tito Trinidad, Denise Quiones, Ricky Martin, why aren't they in jail. Don't believe the hype.

    your brother and servant,

    Hector Falu-Muhammad


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      Good Point!


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        You do not have to be Puerto Rican to stand up for what you believe is right and should be done properly in this world. The French were not American, but helped in the American Revolutionary War! If they did not then the USA will still be just 13 colonies. I am not saying this Vieques event is going to come to that, but to show when their is a problem that the MAJORITY of the people wants fixed, you will need help from other if you can not do the job yourself. If we all had that "nationality rights" atitutde, most of the nations in the world would be under one control because other nations would not want to help out for what they think is right, because they dont fit the nationality! Think people!


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          I truely believe if you want to help Puerto ricans and you so happen not to be one how can you know what you your fighting for..Please, Al sharpen is all about him self.if he had a good cause then he should be representing his black and african communtiy he so talks about when some major happens. he must stick to what he knows and stop the BS Trying always to be in the lime light...And please, some one comb his hair it nasty looking. He Will Not represent US
          We can do that our self without wanting the lime light....He should try harder to help his own community and give up this fantasy that he can help us...

          He is not and never will be puerto rican don't care how much weight he lose doing it. He is a Big Mouth loSER...That is NOT what we are about...


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            If Al Sharpton were white.....

            ...would you be saying the same thing. I believe that your sentiment against the Rev. Al Sharpton is all due to the fact that he is Black figure. If he were white like say, oh, George Bush would you be saying the same thing about someone minding their own business? I think not. He is the only one who was really persecuted for standing against the bombing in Vieques. He lost all that weight due to the 90 days that he spent in jail for protesting the Vieques issue. Are you willing to do the same? Are you willing to lay down your life and sacrifice for your people? Actions speak louder than words, my brother. Actions speak louder than words.

            your brother and servant,

            Min. Hector Falu-Muhammad


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              "...if he had a good cause then he should be representing his black and african communtiy..."

              Cookiemonsta, I am an AA and I am vehemently against the bombing in Vieques....does that mean I can not represent Puerto Rico in this cause? I detest the wanton destruction of the beautiful reefs and coasts of such a beautiful island. Also, when will you (and others) learn that just because Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and any other self-imposed leadera are black, does not mean they represent all of us African Americans's?! Face it, We are not one group, but have different ideas and factions. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Farrakhan do not represent the black race Thank you very much.