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    The father of my daughter stopped paying child support 3 yrs ago, he was contended by Court, he wasn't found by the legal system in Puerto Rico at that time. ASUME never fallowed up I suppose, he owes $6,000. He was seen in Puerto Rico in a party this past July. Please advise me of any information regarding this matter. I moved to Miami, Florida two years ago, I still have my residence in Puerto Rico the one filled in ASUME, I have not received any correspondence from them at all.

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    Try contacting Dept. of Social Services in the state that you reside. Have them send a letter to Asume in PR requesting child support payroll deduction. It's helpful if you provide Soc. Ser. with his SS#, his current address, and his employer. If you have his SS# Asume will be able to track him down. Hopefully once Asume receives a letter from a State office like Social Services they will offer you a better service.

    My heart goes out to you..............many blessings.


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      Does anyone know when legally asume can take your drivers lic or passport in NYC its when uyou owe 5000