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Time to think about what we really want

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  • Time to think about what we really want

    Statehood, Commonwealth, Independence, lets take a step back and look at this issue. I am happy for Ms. Calderon, I am sure she will do wonderful things for Puerto Rico, after all she made Puerto Rico a nice tropical tax haven for U.S Companies. From which she used funds from the project to provide some $1.2billion in aid to Caribbean basin countries. I applaude that fact, bravo Ms. Calderon, what is your next step, oust the U.S. From Puerto Rico, get the navy to leave? Reality is we need to look at what that will do for us. Question if our forefathers did not want to become part of the U.S, they would not have answer the call to arms each and everytime the call went out. I want Ms. Calderon to in mind the Sons of Puerto Rico when she sits there and tries to think of a way to oust the us, here is the list (anyone wishing the details can contact me at

    First the 65th Infantry Regiment who fought galantly in Korea in which one occasion in late January 1951 found the regiment below the South Korean capital of Seoul, under orders to take two hills being held by the Chinese 149th Div. The assault began on January 31st and took three days. On the morning of the third day, with the top of the hills within reach, two battalions of the 65th Regiment fixed bayonets and charged straight at the enemy positions. The Chinese fled. During their service in Korea the Borinqueneers won 4 Distinguished Service Crosses and 125 Silver Stars, American Presidential and Meritorious Unit Commendations, 2 Korean Presidential Unit Citations adn the Greek Gold Medal for bravery. (Sources---Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Military Manpower and Personnel Policy, Hispanics in America's Defense, November 17, 1988; W.W. Harris, Puerto Rico's Fighting 65th U.S. Infantry: From San Juan to Chorwan(San Rafael, California:Presidio Press, 1980)

    Although the are many I will send you these 3

    CPT. Euripides Rubio
    Born 1 MAR 1938 Ponce P.R
    Died 8 NOV 1966 Vietnam

    SPC. Hector Santiago-Colon
    Born 20 DEC 1942 Salinas P.R
    Died 28 JUN 1968 Vietnam

    PFC. Carlos James Lozada
    Born 6 SEP 1946 Caguas P.R
    Died 20 NOV 1967 Vietnam

    I have detail of their heroic act if you like then I can send them to you.

    Now Ms. Calderon I want you to talk to the families of these soldier who died and tell then how evil the U.S. is. How they should be ousted, these soldier served and died and they continue to serve with the Proud Heritage that regardless of what flag flies over head we are True Boriquas and we represent our Island a lot better than those in congress, who get a fat check and do very little. Ms.Calderon remember your sons and daughter who are in distants lands, serving in the armed forces, because although we have the US Flag on our uniforms the Puerto Rico flag is in our hearts, and as our brother and sisters before us we are proud of it.