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Are Puerto Ricans Really Co-Dependent and Helpless?

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  • Originally posted by AnotherRican
    Suki...not innocent of these tactics. No one calls them on the carpet for this. They attack and make outlandish labels and brandishing, then they retreat into their "nice" cacoon and no one points that double-standard to expose them.
    For once, I agree with you. However, it doesn't seem that you want to be the "bigger person." If you dislike what she writes to you, why don't you just ignore her? It seems you guys will just keep going back and forth with the same hate-filled diatribes. It's just a forum. I don't think either of you are sincere in portraying yourselves as the victims who are just trying to defeat the forum carnivore who keeps attacking little innocent you. You both enjoy the arguing. It's your concupiscence for each other that drives these constant bickerings. If that's true, which I think it is, then you guys are more childish than I thought. Grow up you two.


    • Personalities

      Reading Ecuajey's last comments I see the main topic of colonialism is not articulated but I take back my comments
      the fact is this tactic of personalities is one of the reasons why we Puerto Ricans feel POLITICALY inferior.
      Who does not? Suki is a better person. I sound like an idiot


      • Originally posted by Camano
        Suki is a better person.
        You're right. She is...and only she knows why I wrote what I wrote on this thread and another, especially in the way I wrote it.