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  • Conciencia

    Hello Geronimo,
    Just a quick saludo to let you know I miss you Senor Conciencia. Hope all is well with you.

    I bet you are exercising and busy with family and friends. I hope you email me someday soon. Take care. Lots of saludos Suki.

    What do you think of this war with Iraq Conciencia? I would love to hear your opinion when you get the chance.

    Love, Suki.

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    Saludos Sukita


    How are you? Long time! I am glad you are doing fine and back with us.

    Irak...hmmmm that is a touchy subject. Well, based on the information I am privy to know and the experiences obtained while at war during the Desert Shield and Storm era. Saddam must be stopped!

    During scrambling events from scuds war heads falling upon our location in Riyadh our NBC's (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) alarms went off several times. Once back in the USA, lot of my buddies developed strange diseases, causing death, handicap, and other strange behavior conditions.

    Sukita, I myself have been afected...I had tumours removed from my intestinal area.

    I tell you, he has weapons of mass destruction and they have used on their on people, and USA soldiers...the Iraquies re very pleaseant and good people...the problem is not the people but Saddam!

    Love always Sukita!