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    Ditto Suki!!!!

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    Nacionalista me hicistes reir demasiado

    Senor Dulce de Coco Mio,

    What is this? Urban Legends.....


    1) Everyone will have a brand new SUV in their marquesina.

    2) Everyone will have high paying jobs with benefits.

    3) English rules.

    4) All our troubles will be solved through the gringo dollar.

    Reality check

    1) If Puerto Rico becomes a state (which it won't) will start to look like the worst of what I have seen the Native American reservations look like....a culture that is on its way to genocide and extinction

    2) The Miranda "Impressions of Puerto Rico" would become a lot worse....where no one knows who they are anymore. And anything rican is suspicious.

    3) Hey another Kississimmee, Orlando or Panama City the Caribbean....but the top dogs are all Gringos with

    4) Language Apartheid.....deja vu from the 1930's...English only PESADILLA ESCOLAR.

    Statehood the myth, the nightmare, and the total failure of it on a historical, cultural, economic and political alternative perspective. Falla en todos los sentidos. Lol. No tiene esperanza.


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    lol thanks Nacionalista

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    Here Smooch this:

    Fortunately, I don't have to search too far for Urban Legends.

    Unfortunately, over 4,000 of those Urbans Legends are here in

    Oh, I am sorry!!!!

    Those are your post. !!!

    Back at you

    [Edited by Nacionalista on 10th January 2003 at 23:43]

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    Wow, this makes sense...

    [b][i]Nacionalista is just an independentista wannabe looking for urban legends .

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    pretty funny..


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  • Nacionalista
    started a topic Urban Legends

    Urban Legends

    Here are few Urban Legends I came across.

    Cyanide Laced Deposit Envelopes: A woman died from licking the deposit envelope at a Bank of America ATM. It was laced with cyanide.

    Kentucky Fried Chicken rumor: KFC does not use real chickens. They actually use genetically manipulated organisms. These so called "chickens" are kept alive by tubes inserted into their bodies to pump blood and nutrientsthroughout their structure. They have no beaks, no feathers, and no feet. Their bone structure is dramatically shrunk to get more meat out of them. This is great for KFC because they do not have to pay so much for their production costs.

    Puerto Rico Independece: If the island becomes independent by separating itself from the United States, everyone in the island will die of starvation.

    Elf Bowling Virus: If you have received Elf Bowling or Frogapult games that have been circulating the internet, or know anyone who has, they MUST BE DELETED before Christmas day. THEY CONTAIN VIRUSES THAT ARE SET TO GO OFF ON CHRISTMAS DAY AND WILL DELETE YOUR HARD DRIVE.

    Social Security Number Racial Code: My grandfather, Evans Fowler, has been doing research and discovered something that I was unaware of. He has discovered, on a small scale, that the second middle number (the fifth number) in African American's social security numbers is an even number while other nationalities have odd numbers.

    Republic of Puerto Rico: If PR becomes a republic, Fidel Castro will move his Head Quarters to San Juan and allow China to take over el Municipio de Ponce.

    February 2000 Will Have 30 Days: There are some number of seconds that are accumulated every day which make up to become an extra day once in every four years and that is why we have the leap year. In the same manner there are some number of seconds which are accumulated from the leap years which form to become an extra day once in every 400 years and that is why in the year 2000,there will be a February 30, 2000. So the child born on that day will never be able to celebrate his/her birthday until February 30, 2400.

    Tampon Warning: ** High Priority ** ... I had also heard many tampon makers would include asbestos in the tampon. Why? Because asbestos makes you bleed more... if you bleed more, you're going to need to use more.

    Puerto Rico Sovereign: Once PR becomes independent, the drug lords from Colombia will have easy access in the island, and the education level of the population will drop back to pre-kinder stage, including people with degrees.

    Body Stuffed With Cocaine: My sister's co-worker had a sister in Texas, who with her husband was planning a weekend trip across the border for a shopping spree. At the last minute their baby sitter cancelled, so they were stuck taking their two-year old son with them.

    They had been across the border for about an hour when the baby got free and ran around the corner. The mother went chasing, but the boy had disappeared. The mother found a police officer who told her to go to the gate and wait. Not really understanding the instructions, she did as she was instructed.

    About 45 minutes later, a man approached the border carrying the boy. The mother ran to him grateful that he had been found. When the man realized it was the boy's mother, he dropped the boy and ran himself. The police were waiting for him and got him. The boy, dead, in the 45 minutes he was missing, was cut open, ALL of his insides removed and his body cavity stuffed with COCAINE. The man was going to carry him across the border as if he were asleep. A two year old boy, dead, discarded as if he were a piece of trash for somebody's cocaine.