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Vieques - front page of the boston globe

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  • Vieques - front page of the boston globe

    hey check out the front page of the boston globe, if you don't have access to it you can get it off of the internet...

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    That was very interesting. Thank you.

    I don't understand why if it has been a navy base, why they let civilians in. Now they are there, the military must leave. That is very unsafe for the Viequez residents. As a scientist, I know the dangers thet these residents are forced to face due to the US military mining and bombing.


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      Hello muneca,

      The reason United States Military is in Vieques and also on many parts of Puerto Rico is because we are a military base for U.S Military to practice also U.S will provide protection to P.R in case of any invasion to the Island, but we are paying a high price with the situation with Vieques. The cancer in Vieques is at least 2 times higher than any other part of the Island, more studies and investigations are needed in vieques.

      Our own government in Puerto Rico allows this situation to happen.



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        jasenj, muneca and Jose,
        I hope you guys have checked some of the other reports about Vieques. Go to our home page and click on "News" (the earth with a little red arrow and a newspaper around it), then check out "Puerto Rico Herald". The editorials are excellent and the information is first rate. Stay in touch on this issue. lja


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          thanks for pointing me in the right direction!! i will keep in touch about any breaking news that i come accross. does anyone have any idea if the people on culebra are affected by the goings-on in viequez?