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      I want to respond to the poor soul that said: "ANYONE WHO LIVES IN AMERICA KNOWS HOW MUCH THE TAXES ARE, WHY SHOULD PUERTO RICO PAY AMERICAN TAXES? PUERTO RICO SHOULD HAVE THEIR OWN TAX COLLECTIONS FOR THEIR GOVERNMENT AND AMERICAN BUSINESS SHOULD STAY THEIR, IM MOVING TO PUERTO RICO AND THIS WHOLE THING FRIGHTENS ME." Yes responsibility frightens. It frightened me to get married; imagine, when I was single I could barely support myself, how could I support a wife? However, after I got married I discovered it was not so bad. The money I was spending eating out (eating at Burger King's and other places) I was now saving money by eating home cooking. Plus there is a reward for responsibility that actually comes from ABOVE. This is a concept too deep for some of the arm chair philosophers in this chat room.

      But outside of the issue of responsibility, there is the issue that there are many racist U.S. Congressmen (and women) that hate Puerto Ricans. Even the Democrats are in on this. I bet you that if by giving Puerto Rico the boot they can save a few Billion dollars for some of their special interests, they are not going to think twice. If they can use 5 Billion dollars that goes to help Puerto Rico to help pay to save the Northern Spotted Owl, they will give us our well deserved Independence. Also, m.nixon, do you think that the U.S. Government has all the money in the universe to keep giving for free (maybe you think that money grows on trees). The Federal money given to the Island comes out of every Tax Payer in the United States; believe me they are already squeezing me dry.

      The Islanders are already pay the highest state taxes of any of the 50 states. What Islanders are not paying in Federal Income Taxes they are already paying in State Income Taxes.

      About keeping American companies in Puerto Rico: do you think that we should point a gun to the throat of the stock-holders. No company in their right mind will keep a plant operating to purposely loose money, they will go to the places where it cost them less to operate. Similar to having un Colmadito, you are not going to place it where it is going to cost you big bucks (like in El Condado) or where it is not going to turn up a profit (Llorens Torres). I think m.nixon and some like the Pseudo-Taino don't know the basics of economics: you don't give money away for the sheer pleasure, otherwise you are going to end up poor (Economics 101: goods and resources are limited); perhaps they think money grows on trees. Now that the 936 Tax Law is gone there is no financial incentive to keep plants operating in Puerto Rico, when it is going to be much cheaper to go to Mexico (hi Jessica).

      About Americans treating us well, you guys never learned in your High School history classes that when the Public Schools were established by the "gringuitos" they forcefully taught in English all the courses so that the Puerto Ricans could forget their language (and it didn't work). That was way back when we were only a million Puerto Ricans in the Island (now we are close to four million). So I warn you that when, or if, we become a State (which is what I want) they are going to try anything they can to either reject our attempt to Statehood, or to get rid of our Hispanicity; but I am certain that they are going to lose in their attempt to rid themselves of our Culture. Our Culture is strong enough to take anything they throw at it. On the contrary, I suspect that our Puerto Rican Culture has the tendency to swallow up theirs. I hope it is the good things in our Culture that they adopt, cause 'mano, we have some pretty bad things to be ashamed of [drugs, alcoholism, passional murders, incest on the countryside, sodomy as the preferred mode of sex, etc...].

      It is late (11:55PM) and I have to go to work tomorrow to earn my living [money doesn't grow on trees]. Good night!

      Manuel Alonso


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        A real Taino Indian!? I thought that was part of history of the 1700`s "boriquen". I once met a caracter that swore he was a Taino Indian only problem Was he was born in the Bronx and had never visited our gorgeous Island. HELLO! Also there was a sighting in Aguadilla last year if a guy dressed as a Taino only he was too drunk all the time to be interviewed about his history. Come on, we have been mixed so much by now our dns might show barely a 1/100 of "indian" genes. I wish somebody would answer Muneca`s question as to how would our dear Puerto Rico would survive as an independent country which by the way I think its a lovely dream but unrealistic. But then look at the Catalans and the Basque movement to break away from the Spanish country, But then their economy is totally different to ours and they are resoursefull and hard workers. And what would our "moneda" be as an independent country, Im sure it wont be the mighty dollar!


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          Just face it: If PR goes independent it literally goes to hell! At that point I say "too bad and enjoy the "mojon" you'll be eating forever after!" If Puerto Ricans are stupid enough to vote for independence they truly deserved the fate that awaits them!

          PR needs the US, the US does NOT need PR

          PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!!