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Looking to interview resident for class project

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  • Looking to interview resident for class project

    My name is Ryan and i'm from Milwaukee,WI (United States). I'm on my second year of college and I am taking a Cross Cultural Communications course. Part of the requirement is to do a project based on a chosen culture. I chose Puerto Rican culture. I have been checking out the resources on this website among others but what I would really like to do is interview someone from within the culture. I am posting this message in hopes to find someone who I can interview. I am looking for someone who fulfills any of the following criteria: Lives in Puerto Rico, lives within a Puerto Rician community, someone who has Puerto Rician ancestorial roots, has contact with the culture, lives in the States and is Puerto Rician, or anything related to the above. I will have the list of questions ready in about a week. I am looking to do the interviews by means of email or online chat since the cost of telephone calls would be high. If anyone is interested please contact me at
    I welcome any opinions, anyone with resources I might be able to use, and I will reply to everyone who emails me.
    Thanks for your time,
    Ryan Lucas

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    I read your petition.
    I'm a Puerto Rican cartoonist who has lived in Puerto Rico all her life.
    Maybe I can help. I'm thinking in webpages you can look for more information.
    I'll answer later.


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      Hi SaudadePR:

      I would definately be interested in interviewing you for my project. I am not aware of what type of cartoons you develop but if you have any that would have to do differences in the United States culture vs. Puerto Rician culture or similar, I would be interested in seeing some of the work, possibly including one in my project with your permission. I can be reached at



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        Sure you can interview me. You can write to me on this addresses:

        I'll write to you soon with the URL address about Puerto Rico you can read.