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Puerto Rican Students Defeat Fee Increase

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  • Puerto Rican Students Defeat Fee Increase

    Puerto Rican Students Defeat Fee Increase: In a major victory for Puerto Rico’s student movement, the board of directors at the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) announced Saturday that they would eliminate an $800 fee that has sparked mass protests. In the spring of 2010, university students shut down campuses for two months in protest of the fee and other changes, and administrators backtracked on some of the proposals. In January 2011, at least 50 student protesters were arrested as the fee went into effect. The protests forced the resignation of UPR at the time, and catalyzed the campaign of Alejandro García Padilla, who ran for governor on a pledge to roll back the fee and took office earlier this month.

    Vital Signs: Scouting for Equality; Puerto Rico’s Student Movement Wins Big - Uprising

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    Cant say

    Cant say I know the issues at UPR [3 siblings graduated from there], but I know that most major universities, including my Alma Mater, Rutgers, have severely bloated budgets and spend money as if there is an endless supply. Yes they will argue that their OPERATING BUDGETS are tapped out and they have to increase tuition 50 percent every year, but we all know about the hidden waste and sometimes outrageous salaries paid to University Administrators. When I went to college it cost me $16k for 4 years living on campus. I graduated close to 30 years ago. Now that same education costs about $100,000. That is like a 500 percent increase. Real costs have probably only gone up about 150 percent in those 30 years or so. The disbalance between real inflation and educational inflation, is the proof of the out of control educational system we have in this country that is increasingly become a luxury for the well off. Who the tuck can afford $100,000 without mortgaging yourself to your dying days? Seriously? At the UPR in Puerto Rico, I think it costs about 1/4 of that, although I believe that most campuses at the UPR have limited, if any, housing. In an island where salaries tend to be 60 percent of what they are in the mainland, I am sure the situation is not very different.


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      Are the independentistas who control the University of P.R. going to renounce the Pell Grants, since they come from El Imperio Americano they so much despise? I did not think so


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        Now, the same students are closing my Alma Mater to protest the Mexicans taking over the Luis Muñoz Marín Airport for the next 40 years, a contract signed by Governor Fortuño and which Governor Agapito promised to rescind and realized it could not be done.