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UN calls for De-Colonization of remaining colonies

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  • UN calls for De-Colonization of remaining colonies

    In a not too publicized session on Monday June 23, the UN has called for a final resolution of the status of several remaining world colonies ( a.k.a. Territories in the U.S.). Among the U.S. colonies there are, American Samoa, Guam, The Virgin Islands and the largest, oldest and most confused of the world colonies, Puerto Rico!

    Decolonization can go several ways, specifically for Puerto Rico. Statehood, Independence or Free Association or so we think. All these status choices will depend, not on Puerto Ricans, but on what Congress is willing to grant. Most believe that statehood will win in a soon to be celebrated plebiscite however congressional acceptance is doubtful if the Tea party gains more power in the lower house and the Senate.

    Puerto Ricans don't know what Congress is willing to accept, they only imagine it solely because of our misconstrued idea of Democracy. With this in mind Statehood will win! But that isn't how powerful nations play the game. It's a question of interests and political power, the last one in which PR statehood will outstrip 27 states is a problem.

    Many statehooders swear that Spanish is not an issue because the constitution has no official language.

    Some statehooders have argued that our independent Olympic representation isn't an issue either.

    But what they do know, by the recent GAO Study, is that welfare will jump into the billions due to parity. This is the biggest selling point of statehood for the poor on the island. If 60% are on food stamps now, wait till statehood comes. However this will be a hard sell in Congress.

    Independence seems to be a dead issue with Puerto Ricans but we won't decide that either. Free Association is kinda an independent status that doesn't carry American Citizenship. However can free entrance to the.US. be negotiated? No on knows and less so with the ascendency of the Tea party.

    As far as I know the other American colonies are in a worse limbo than Puerto Rico. They are too small for statehood, the populations are non-white and the U.S. will be under pressure to solve their status. Can an annexation with Hawaii be a solution?

    Many here will say, "Hey but if they want to remain colonies its their choice". However that was also said in 1863 about slavery, "They are happy so let then remain slaves".