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Puerto Rico, 25 de Julio, 1978

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  • Puerto Rico, 25 de Julio, 1978

    Mañana 25 de Julio, seguramente seran pocos quienes se reuniran para conmemorar la muerte de dos jovenes Boricuas en el Cerro Maravilla, hace 35 años.

    Según los noticieros de aquel entonces, y según mi memoria, los jovenes llegaron al Cerro Maravilla con el proposito de bombardear torres de comunicación localizadas en dicho lugar.

    Antes del "atentado", fueron ellos interceptados por agentes policiales con quienes alegadamente intercambiaron disparos resultando en la muerte de ambos.

    A continuación encontraran una red de datos sobre Puerto Rico la cual incluye detalles sobre dicho incidente:

    Puerto Rico - EcuRed

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      Bola Dura

      Last night I was watching Bola Dura, a take off on Chris Matthew's, Hard Ball. It really is a tame program with very tame and ultra polite news casters. They had on Faz Alzamora, and Hernandez Colon's son. These people are nuts and live in LA LA land!

      Both were from the PPD and both were asked if PR was a colony, both said NO! "We only have to fine tune the Commonwealth and then all will be just fine they said. Both had a strange view on American citizenship, which seems to be the hot potato of all this status mess. Both want to Keep it however Faz Alzamora wants a citizenship designed by us, one we can control, and Hernandez Colon's son disagreed because then The Dominicans cant get citizenship! This is the first time I've ever heard that we have to respect foreigners above our own people and interests.

      They expect to take these reforms to congress and see what they can get.

      Is there something wrong with this picture?