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Boricua Olympics 2012?

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  • Boricua Olympics 2012?

    Can Puerto Rico, either in San Juan or Ponce, host an Olympics? It would cost a lot of money, but also we would recieve a lot of fame, tourism, (a million or more in estamates from past Olympics events)jobs, (70,000-90,000 from Sydney and Atlanta games) and billions from merchanidise, tourism...etc.( $5 billion-7 billion in the Atlanta and Sydney games) It would actually cost San Juan, when they tried to bid for 2004, about 1-2 billion to improve our infrastructure and even though those delayed projects of tren urbano, Puerto De Las Americas, many tunnels and roads in the rural areas and more highways, they will be completed by or before 2012. In that case, PR needs the jobs, money, and it would boast our self-esteem and sense of national identity. Do you think the PR could be ready to host an Olympics and why?

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    S A N J U A N 2 0 1 2


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      Any suggestions?


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        Do you think Puerto Rico should ever hosts an Olympics in the future? What do you think Puerto Rico's Olympic committe could do to improve the successfulness of the PR teams in the Olympics,? which so far has done pretty poor.