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  • Our Mother Island

    Our Mother Island

    My children! Open your eyes!
    Donít fall victim to these predators!
    They only seek to disguise themselves as lambs
    to seek your confidence, in hope that you will be in their spell!

    Donít! Canít you see, what you are doing to yourself, to me?
    You are wandering aimlessly, sedated by the luxuries of no care
    Learn to stand on your own!
    Work! Donít let them think that you are gullible people!

    Do for your own! Canít you feel the torment in me?
    This is from seeing what has become of you!
    My children, know, that your people are strong!
    You can do it! Donít victimize your offspring!

    I have seen what they have done to you!
    They have made you, helpless!
    You think they are helping? Think again!
    They are hindering your growth, your independence, and your self-worth!

    I wish to see you stand on your own! This is what a mother wants!
    Yes! To be able to provide for her children, the right way,
    educate yourself! Do for yourself! Donít be victimized!
    Donít depend on anyone, but your own faculties!

    You can do it! It is in your blood!
    It is what our forefathers wanted of us!
    Donít destroy me, because in doing so,
    you destroy yourself! You destroy the very core of our Island!

    [Edited by Leticia_g on 29th June 2002 at 18:04]

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    Ooooo, I like this one! You let your emotion show in this poem, which is something I try in my writing. Good work!


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      You go girl!

      Bring chill up my back...

      Make me breath rapid...

      I feel the soursweet sensation on my mouth...

      I love it...I love it...Thanks a million! Did you see ecuajey's God it should in a museum of Albizu's exposition.


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        Thank you for your words, they mean a lot.

        I did see Ecuajey's poem, it is tremendous! I really loved it also. I think it will be a massterpiece. I told you he had talent.

        I think we are making a comeback here with all our patriotism. I love it!

        Much love and respect to you!


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          conciencia and Leticia_g

          Again, I thank you two for your praises for my poem.

          Conciencia, I agree with you on Leticia's poem. It made you breath faster, which is always great for poems. Poems are like bomba y plena, it makes your heart pump and feel an excess of joy. Leticia's poetry and yours as well, reflects that.


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            My momy's name is Leticia. Kool name.
            Nice poem. It is sad that inept Barbosa did not comprehend
            this concept.


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              Ecuajey and Camano

              Thank you gain for your compliments. I am glad you enjoyed my poems. I truly appreciate it.

              Ecuajey between you and conciencia your comments are very touching. Thanks!

              Camano, I guess then you mom has a beautiful name. lol

              Much Respect to you both!