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10 Easy Ways You Can Help Promote Self-Determination for Puerto Rico

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  • 10 Easy Ways You Can Help Promote Self-Determination for Puerto Rico

    10 Easy Ways You Can Help Promote Self-Determination for Puerto Rico

    There are many ways you can help promote self-determination for Puerto Rico. The easiest is by writing to your Senators and Representatives. You can also sign up to get involved as a CEF volunteer, and they will contact you to talk about your interests and your schedule.

    Here are some other ways you can make an important difference:

    Stay informed - Check for news and updates and become involve. Become an informed and effective advocate in the process of self-determination for the people of Puerto Rico.

    Make sure people get the facts straight - Americans often refer to Puerto Rico as a 'foreign country.' Make sure they understand: Puerto Rico is part of the United States. Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens. You don't need a passport to go there. Our currency is your currency. Our military is your military. These are important facts: otherwise, people think Puerto Rico's status problem has nothing to do with the U.S.

    Write letters to the editors - Stay informed of the latest events affecting Puerto Rico's status by reading up to date news on our Island frequently, you can add your voice to the debate. Don't be shy: all Americans have a say in whether the U.S. denies democracy to its own citizens!

    Host a CEF speaker at your organization - CEF sends spokespeople to educate groups about Puerto Rico's status dilemma whenever possible (at no cost to you). If you belong to an organization that is interested in learning more about self-determination, contact CEF at

    Contact the organizations in your area that you think should support self-determination. Is there a civil rights organization in your area that should support self-determination? If not, why not? Contact them and tell them you think they should. Let CEF know about them, and they will contact them too. For more information on civil rights issues, visit

    Share information with your family, friends, and colleagues - Most Americans do not know that the people of Puerto Rico are U.S. citizens, or that Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, or that Puerto Ricans can't vote. You can help us educate people about Puerto Rico and its relationship to the United States. Tell them what you have learned; call CEF toll free with your questions (877-423-3697); print out our fact sheets and information and distribute them.

    Link your website -

    If you are a parent - Are your children's teachers including Puerto Rico in their lesson plans? If so, congratulate them. If not, suggest that they do so.

    If you are a professor, undergraduate or graduate student - Make sure your institution offers courses that cover Puerto Rico. If it does not, suggest that it do so! And please, let CEF know about your efforts.

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    Muy buena la informacion Leticia!!

    Gracias por compartirla!!


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      Excelente la informacion..



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        He aqui noticia de la ultima hora...

        [i]Bye, bye Buchanan/Roosevelt roads!!!

        Dicho por el mismo Romero: "Se cierra Buchanan en el 2003". Roosevelt roads le seguira pronto!!!

        Donde estan todos esos estadistas que decian que eso nunca iba a ocurrir??? je je je je je
        "El labrador, para participar de los frutos, debe trabajar primero".
        -II Timoteo

        "Trabajar y preparar a Puerto Rico para la estadidad es como prepararlo para la independencia, una vez que alcancemos esa condición, para que queremos la estadidad".


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          Es lo que yo digo!! Estos separatista son brutos mentirosos y viven de la ilusiones!!

          Mira separatista salaspastroso ahora te tienes que dar contra el piso y tragarte la mie*** que escribes!! ha, ha, ha, ha!!

          No solamente EU no se va si no que ahora tendremos mas presencia estadounidense y militar y tenemos mas valor y importancia para nuestros hermanos del norte!!

          Aqui tienes pa que disfrutes!!


          A ser parte la isla de nuevo Comando del Norte

          Proviana Colón Díaz

          Puerto Rico pronto formará parte del recién creado Comando Militar del Norte a cargo de "Homeland Security", anunció el martes el Comandante en Jefe del Ejército Sur el General Alfred A. Valenzuela.

          Una movida que podrá aumentar la importancia militar de la isla y las Islas Vírgenes.

          "Con la mudanza del comando del norte entonces el rol de Puerto Rico será mucho más importante", dijo Valenzuela.

          La desición de crear un nuevo comando en Puerto Rico, probablemente sea anunciada en unos dos meses, dijo Valenzuela.

          El cambio de comando también incluye la posibilidad de relocalizar más unidades en la isla.

          "Absolutamente, exactamente…hay la posiblidad de que con el cambio de comando nuevas unidades sean localizadas aquí", dijo el general.

          "Se eliminará el Comando Sur y el Fuerte Buchanan. Una posbilidad es que eliminen 350 puestos del Comando Sur y si hacen eso quiere decir que me eliminan a mí, puesto que el Ejército sólo tiene 400 efectivos", dijo Valenzuela.

          Se le ha pedido al Ejército Sur realizar una revisión de la estrategia de ubicación.

          Alegadamente, Valenzuela propuso el Fuerte de Sam Houston, en San Antonio, Texas y el Fuerte Benning en Columbus, Georgia como posibiles alternativas al Fuerte Buchanan en Puerto Rico.

          Sin embargo, el martes, Valenzuela negó que alguna vez haya hecho ese pedido y dijo que "un general nunca solicita la reubicación de su estación". Aún así, afirmó que se le ha pedido su opinión al respecto, a lo que admitió que el costo de vida de los empleados civiles es uno de las razones tomadas en cuenta para trasladar la unidad.(edited)


          Ahora si que ustedes se j**ieron!!

          Que no nos quieren ni tenemos importancia??

          No que va!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Ha, ha, ha, ha!! Sufran separatistas embusteros!! No solo les sale todo mal sino que todo se les vira como una tortilla!! ha, ha, ha, ha, ha

          Adios separatistas!!

          Bienvenidos Comando del Norte!!

          [Edited by Leticia_g on 18th July 2002 at 21:32]


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            Les traigo mas pa que gocen!!

            Lieutenant Colonel Jane A. Monville-Helton

            Thank you. It's an honor to speak to you today about a very interesting and difficult topic that we all have been facing in the last several months. I want to talk to you today about is the background of the National Guard and the multiple roles that we play in a lot of different areas, some of the contributions that we make with homeland security, as well as some of the latest definitions of what homeland security and homeland defense, and where we fit into that. And then hopefully I can answer some questions that you'll have. We're always getting questions on what does this do to our war fight and of course where does the National Guard Bureau want to come into the future?

            We base everything that we do on the Constitution. The Constitution calls us the militia, the National Guard. And we execute the laws of the nation. Congress also gives us the authority to organize, arm and train. And Title 32 also gives us the authority to receive the same type of training and equipment that the active duty gets.

            We're made up of 54 states and territories. We include Puerto Rico , Virgin Islands, District of Columbia and Guam. So whenever we talk of the United States and the National Guard, we talk of the 54 states and territories. And you have to understand that it is 54 states and territories with an independent government. There are elected officials to represent and to protect and look out for each one of those states. This will kind of show you some of the things that we're involved in, in different areas; everything from weapons of mass destruction, over flight missions, we do youth programs, counter drug and many other areas. For those of you who are familiar with the National Guard, we're in every community. We have an armory in , nearly every major city, and in every state. Everywhere that you can think of, there's an armory either National Guard or Army reserve We are the federal piece of the Army with the Army Reserve. The Air National Guard is fully integrated in the Air Expeditionary Force. And of course the Army National Guard has 55 percent of the combat force that's out there. So we are a viable part of the federal mission. And doing the state or federal mission, we also serve the governor for any kind of disaster or any situation that happens within our state. Think of any natural or manmade emergency that's taken place in the last 365 years and you'll think of the time when the National Guard had been participating in the recovery efforts.

            And of course, our weapons of mass destruction civil support teams were a very important part of the aftermath of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. We also do a very big program with counter drug and drug demand reduction. And we have youth programs where we take challenged youths and put them through a boot camp and try to get them on the right path, get them with a big brother, big sister type environment to try to get them on the right road again.

            To Give you an ideafor this fiscal year alone on how many people have been deployed as of the 21stof March. It's a pretty big contribution that we do out there. Our National Guard soldiers and airmen are in over 72 countries right now doing the mission that our nation needs them to do.

            This will kind of give you an idea how important the National Guard is to the governors of the state. In 26 of the states, the adjutant general is' not only the senior military person in the state, but he's also the state emergency management officer, the SEMA or the SEMO. Twenty-three of the states, the adjutant general is actually on the governor's cabinet and he's on an equal basis with the SEMA or the SEMO. And then the other five, they're sub-cabinet members. So you can see that they play a very, very important part with what goes on into the support of the states.


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              Even more!!

              Northern Command Covers P.R.

              BY CAROL ROSENBERG

              The Pentagon announced Wednesday a broad reorganization that creates a new command to defend the United States against terror attacks and leaves the Southern Command intact and in Miami-Dade County, with responsibility for U.S. military operations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

              The centerpiece of the plan is the creation of the Northern Command, to be headed by a four-star general whose mission is to defend the continental United States and to lend military support to civil authorities if another disaster like Sept. 11 occurs.

              Northcom will also be responsible for monitoring events in Mexico, Canada and U.S. territory in the Caribbean, and for coordinating security and military issues in those areas.

              Southcom will continue to use Puerto Rico as a staging area and base for Southcom's so-called Army and Navy components, although military activities on the island that concern the island will be part of the Northern Command.

              Southcom has used U.S. military bases on Puerto Rico since it began moving from Panama to South Florida in 1997.


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                Que paso Leticia??

                Esa palabra se usa constantemente en cualquier sitio!!


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                  Las palabras que usan en la calle o en sitios que algunos acostumbran no siempre son correctas. Palabras malas o sucias no se permiten en los foros. Si yo encuentro esas palabras las saco es mi trabajo como moderadora.

                  Puedes dar tu opinión sin usar esas palabras. Espero que entiendas.

                  Con mucho respeto siempre!


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                    [i]La invasión de Puerto Rico y nuestro sometimiento como colonia fue un acto tan bochornoso y contrario al ideal republicano, que vamos lo que dijo el mismo Partido Demócrata de ese entonces ante la imposición del gobierno decretado por la Ley Foraker.
                    "Declaramos que todo gobierno establecido entre hombres deriva sus justos poderes del consentimiento de los gobernados; que cualquier gobierno que no se asiente sobre el consentimiento de los gobernados es una tiranía, y que imponer a un pueblo un gobierno por la fuerza es sustituir los métodos de la república por los del imperio. Sostenemos que la constitución sigue a la bandera y aseguramos que ninguna nación puede sustituir por largo tiempo mitad imperio y mitad república, [b]y advertimos al pueblo americano, que el despotismo en ultramar traerá pronto e inevitablemente consigo el despotismo a nuestro propio suelo"...
                    Parece que los demócratas de 1900 estaban más claros que los PNP de hoy y no se equivocaron, la invasión de Puerto Rico sentó el fin de la República y el principio del imperio, desde entonces es el DESPOTISMO es lo que gobierna en EEUU.

                    A través del Siglo 20, la estadidad siempre existió y creció como opción independientemente de la vida útil o inútil de los partidos que decían representarla. Los federales, los unionistas, los republicanos puros, los estadistas republicanos, los socialistas, la alianza, los renovacionistas y el PNP, son algunas de las franquicias que infructuosamente trataron de avanzar políticos estadistas y su ideal de la igualdad y que fracasaron estrepitosamente. Es una piedra tan grande que nadie puede con ella. La franquicia del Partido Nuevo Progresista ha probado ser un vehículo inservible y contraproducente a los principios fundamentales de la estadidad. El PNP no sirve ni para ñipa!!!
                    Trabajar y preparar a Puerto Rico para la estadidad es como prepararlo para la independencia, una vez que alcancemos esa condición, para que queremos la estadidad.

                    ¡¡¡La Estadidad es un natimuerto que yace insepulto y apesta!!!


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                      Ta bien Leticia!!

                      Anyway tu me caes bien!!


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                        Mira separatista acomplejao Guaili!!

                        Como te dueleeee!!

                        La vida te hace asi!!

                        Tu sabe por que??

                        Por que insistes en algo que ya no tiene importancia!!

                        Ustedes viven en el pasado!!

                        EU ha tenido errores, pero la vida ha continuado y muchas cosas han mejorado!! Y nosotros hemos sido beneficiados por esas cosas tambien!! Pero como tu eres un acomplejao, vas vivir toda tu vida amargao y viendo demonios que no existen!!

                        Tu eres un infeliz y quieres que tu infelicidad sea compartida con otras personas!!

                        Not with us "cutie"!!

                        Mazoquista es lo que tu eres!!

                        Yo Tu


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                          Desenmascarador's Puerto Rico USA paradise!!

                          Desenmascarador's Vision of Puerto Rico as the 51st state of the United States of America

                          10. ONe large Military Zone where drunken Navy sailors and personnel, go in to town and "harass" Puerto Rican women get drunk and rowdy but hey! The Puerto Rican men don't defend the women cuz they are used to bowing their heads and sticking their tails between their legs for their all knowing all great North American masters(who have proven with their track record of respecting the islanders wishes at all times) yeah right!!

                          9. Where plenty of the land is cleared for larger and better K-marts (now bankrupt) scratch that soon be bankrupt Wal-Marts and Sam's Clubs....and those gringos from Ohio and such will go to Maui instead cuz hey they did not pay all that touristic top dollar to be bombarded by eyesore American flourishing discount stores!!

                          8. Everyone speaking like New Yoricans a la Hector "Macho" Camacho....cuz everyone wants to be a true stateside English speaking

                          7. No more arroz con gandules and pasteles for it is gonna be Yankee Pot Roast and Apple Pie in the tropics!!! YUMMM!

                          6. Country Western Tunes and gangsta rap only throughout the land!!! Yeah....Bomba Y Plena??? What is that arrest them "that is Anti-American"!!! LOL. Especially them tunes about la monoestrellada not fitting in the pecosa's

                          5. Time to rename the island. Rich Port, St. John and instead of Ponce let us call it honor of a man who is obsessive about counting every last vote before taking

                          4. No more Latin American soaps on TV....from non-USA approved countries....just As the World Turns, and Guiding light with an occasional token PR actor thrown in to be "inclusive" of the newly integrated

                          3. A transitory gov't is set up with non-Puerto Ricans making all the decisions in D.C until the PNP's get an education on how non-corrupt cultures work!!

                          2. No more "La BOrinquena" in Spanish or Verde Luz either...just "Puerto Rico USA we want to sing in English this way...we are grateful to the man....who liberated Rich Port Land and freed us from Spanish tyranny and the horrible Spanish history!!! Yeah---USA!" that will be our pledge state pledge that

                          1. More Traffic tickets and law and order and only nice middle class and upper middle class kids from the USA will be allowed to show these "primitive" outlaw islanders the way its done in Florida and New York!!! Donde la cosa pa' los Boricuas esta guisando y todos los Boricuas son super ricos y exitosos....YEAH!! LOl

                          Yep it sounds like Paradise to me Desenmascarador.....Lol.



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                            Thanks Zukita!!

                            Por eso es que ustedes los separatistas son cada ves menos!!

                            Por esos miedos y embustes infundados que le quieren meter a la gente!!

                            Ya la gente no puede ser engañada como antes!! Los unico que se dejan engañar son ustedes!!


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                              Re: Thanks Zukita!!

                              Originally posted by Desenmascarador
                              Por eso es que ustedes los separatistas son cada ves menos!!
                              Gente como tu se pueden comprar por la docena por dos chavitos preitos! Lol

                              Por esos miedos y embustes infundados que le quieren meter a la gente!!

                              Bendito chico....que paso....te metio miedo algo que escribi? Quizas fue la imagen de que uno de tus hijos salga hablando ingles como "Macho" Camacho. Eso lo conmovio mi gente. Lol

                              Ya la gente no puede ser engañada como antes!! Los unico que se dejan engañar son ustedes!! [img]

                              Desenmascarador vete y haz lo que tu pienses que es mejor pa' Puerto Rico ....llevate to' los boricuas pipiolos o 'separatista' pa la carcel pa' cadena perpetua y matalos' que asi tus amos en la casa blanca te soben la calvera que tienes y te digan como a los perritos obedientes 'good boy' y 'atta boy' demostrastes tu lealtad asegurandonos que no haya mas de esos que estan en desacuerdo con nosotros. El unico enganao y controlao eres tu Senorito. Lol. Suki.