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looking for tout girl in PR (didnt catch her name)

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  • looking for tout girl in PR (didnt catch her name)

    i just got back from puerto rico yesterday where I met the most amazing girl who is currently touting outside the donald's bar. She's the only cockney English girl working there and stands at the end outside the bar towards the first set of steps on the top floor, she's the one constantly dancing and flirting anyways, I was only there for a week and she wasnt working the last two days of my hol cos she only works sunday, monday, tuesday and thursday, In which case I forgot to catch her name or number or anything. I was wondering if anyone knows her and could give me her name and any way to get in touch with her sometime if possible?? Id be so greatful! Also, if anyone is heading to puerto rico, she gets commission for the people she gets into the bar so please everybody pile in there and say she sent you! Its a great bar, I got a free birthday cocktail in there

    If anyone is visiting there during the next 3 months or so please could they pay her a visit for me to find out her name and maybe a way to contact her, I know it's a long shot but I am so gutted that I didnt do so myself! I know she's gonna be there for a while.

    please help and Thanx